Inside world’s biggest indoor SKYDIVING chamber dubbed ‘Clymb’ for adrenaline junkies who are scared of flying

Inside world’s biggest indoor SKYDIVING chamber dubbed ‘Clymb’ for adrenaline junkies who are scared of flying

WHERE better to conquer a fear of flying than floating on a cushion of air inside the world’s biggest indoor skydiving chamber?

The huge wind tunnel is four times the standard size and offers “breath-taking” high flying experiences suitable for all.

CLYMBThe world’s biggest indoor skydiving tunnel offers experience flights for all[/caption]

Facebook /@CLYMB Yas Island, Abu DhabiThe tunnel is inside a £80million building that also boasts the regions tallest climbing tower[/caption]

CLYMBThe huge tunnel has 16 fans while an average sized one has four[/caption]

Also part of the building, dubbed Clymb, is another record breaking attraction – the region’s tallest climbing wall.

Clymb, located in Abu Dhabi, first opened its doors to the public in 2019 and both the wall and the tunnel cost a staggering £80million to construct.

The monstrous wind chamber has 16 fans – while a standard tunnel has four- and is 104 ft tall with a width of 32ft.

All skill levels from expert flyers to beginners are welcome, but the experience comes with a hefty price tag.

For a first time flight – lasting only minutes – flyers will need to pay roughly £52 – and an hour’s session will set you back more than £1,200.

However, despite the steep price the experience has glowing reviews.

One person said: “Great experience! I’d definitely recommend it for people to visit! Our instructor, John John, was kind and good! Felt safe going up high in the tube with him!”

“Loved it! Indoor skydiving experience with our 8 year old daughter. Super friendly and great value for money,” wrote another.

While a third called their flight “jaw-dropping” and “thrilling” and said they had “breath-taking views” of Yas Island from the top.

General Manager of CLYMB Abu Dhabi, Bianca Sammut, commented on the record achievement saying: “We are delighted that our adrenaline-fuelled attractions have been awarded two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles.

“We are able to provide customers with two unique, record-breaking experiences, unlike any they have witnessed before. This recognition consolidates our position as a global attraction, and we look forward to allowing our visitors to reach new heights.”

This is not the only record-breaking attraction to make the news recently.

Yesterday we how the world’s tallest indoor bungee jump, named The Abyss, is certainly not for the fainthearted as you’d take a spine-chilling 150ft plunge.

Located in Yorkshire, The Abyss could be one of the world’s scariest adrenaline experiences as it would test your nerves from start to finish.

And we also told of the worlds biggest indoor beach – which is the size of eight football pitches.

The enormous attraction can host up to 6,000 visitors at one time and even includes a forest filled with 50,000 plants.

Instagram /@clymbyasislandThe tunnel is 104ft tall[/caption]

CLYMBAll experience levels are welcome to try the tunnel[/caption]

CLYMBThe flying experience has glowing reviews online with one person calling it ‘jawdropping’[/caption]

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