Moment ‘ASSASSINS blast Palestine President Abbas’s convoy’ after he ignored chilling ultimatum to declare war on Israel

Moment ‘ASSASSINS blast Palestine President Abbas’s convoy’ after he ignored chilling ultimatum to declare war on Israel

HORROR footage has emerged allegedly showing assassins opening fire on Palestine Authority president Mahmoud Abbas’s convoy.

The ambush came after Abbas reportedly ignored a chilling ultimatum by rogue Palestinian security forces to declare war on Israel.

TwitterFootage appeared to show the moment assassins opened fire on Abbas’s convoy[/caption]

TwitterOne bodyguard was shot dead during the ambush strike[/caption]

AlamyPalestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas pictured with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Sunday[/caption]

Graphic footage shared by international media appears to show a bodyguard shot dead as the remaining men fire against the attackers.

Abbas is the chair of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, known as the PLO, which controls the West Bank territory.

The Palestine Authority president does not support terrorist group Hamas, which rules the besieged Gaza Strip.

It is understood the ambush strike could have been an assassination attempt, Turkish outlet Turkiye Newspaper reports.

“One of Abbas’ bodyguards was shot and the attack was claimed by the organisation called ‘Sons of Abu Jandal’,” the report read.

The group was allegedly organised within the Palestinian security establishment in the West Bank.

It gave President Abbas 24 hours to launch a war against Israel following its blitz on Gaza, a separate Palestinian territory.

There have also been flare-ups of violence in the occupied West Bank between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers.

“There is no time for many words at the time of (Israeli) occupation massacres in the Gaza Strip,” the Sons of Abu Jandal statement said.

“There is no time for many words at the time of spilled blood in Gaza.

“There is no time for many words at the time that our children and our women in Gaza are being killed.

“There is no time for many words as our youth are being killed in the West Bank.”

It continued: “We announce, starting today, that the Palestinian leadership is facing a historic responsibility to declare full confrontation with the criminal (Israeli) occupation. 

“Brother Abu Mazen (Abbas) has 24 hours to produce a clear position, announcing full confrontation with the occupation, using all means, and to denounce statements made by the criminal Blinken.”

The group identified itself as “scores of individuals from Palestinian security branches”, the Palestine Chronicle reports.

And they claimed said all Palestinian Authority security officers would refuse to follow orders unless Abbas met their demands.

The president’s convoy was fired upon on Tuesday, reportedly after the 24 hour deadline.

Just two days before the ambush, Abbas was pictured meeting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on a surprise visit to the West Bank.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops claimed to have taken control of a Hamas military stronghold in Gaza where terrorists were stashing an arsenal of weapons.

Fighter jets struck the terror cell in the enclave’s north before sending in IDF soldiers on foot.

The IDF claimed a number of anti-tank missiles, launchers, other weapons and “various intelligence materials” were uncovered inside.

It also revealed at least ten Hamas militants were killed in the blast.

The IDF said an aircraft also struck several Hamas militants who had barricaded themselves in a building near the al-Quds Hospital and planned to launch an attack on Israeli forces.

Footage showed gun-wielding Israeli troops moving into the “terror nest” and searching buildings.

The IDF said: “Over the past day, IDF troops secured a military stronghold belonging to the Hamas terrorist organisation in the northern Gaza Strip.

“In coordination with soldiers on the ground, an IDF fighter jet struck a cell of approximately 10 terrorists.

“Following this, IDF ground troops identified an anti-tank missile cell operating in their vicinity.

“The troops directed an IDF aircraft that struck the terrorist cell.”

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