Blood-curdling bodycam reveals how sick Hamas terrorists used IDF uniform disguise to slaughter and snatch civilians

Blood-curdling bodycam reveals how sick Hamas terrorists used IDF uniform disguise to slaughter and snatch civilians

HORRIFYING bodycam footage shows how Hamas terrorists disguised themselves in IDF uniforms to attack and kidnap Israeli civilians.

The blood-curdling clip appears to have been filmed on October 7, the day the terror group unleashed the brutal assault on Israel.

Footage shows Hamas fighters, dressed in IDF uniforms, shouting at a civilian to come out of a shelter before they attack him

They shoot on the wall near his head a few times in a bid to threaten him during their ambush

The helpless man is desperately pleading with them but their leader won’t hear a word

The video ends with the man on the ground and his hands tied behind his back

GettyHamas ambushed Israel via the border on October 7, slaughtering over 1,700 civilians (four dead Israeli people in Kfar Aza, a Kibbutz attacked by Hamas)[/caption]

ReutersThey launched rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel, turning buildings to rubble and injuring countless people[/caption]

GettyWeeks of heavy warfare between Hamas and the IDF followed the October 7 attacks (Pictured: Gaza)[/caption]

The video starts with a group of Hamas fighters on motorbikes dressed in IDF uniforms.

On their way, they come across a man, who they force to come out of his hideout.

“I’m a Muslim” says the man inside the shelter before the terrorist starts shouting “Get out! Raise your hands! Get out, get out! Here is the dog.”

The man, a Muslim Bedouin from the Negev was hiding from the rockets in a shelter near Kissufim.

He appears terrified as the group pint their guns at him shouting and eventually force him into one of their vehicles.

“If you don’t tell me where Reem is, I’ll kill you. Where is Reem?

“Whose car is this, you animal? Where is Reem? Where is the car key?”

Even though he is a Muslim the ruthless group abused him, beat him and cursed him, calling him a “dog” before forcing him to tell them how to get to the military base near Reem.

The petrified man can be heard begging: “One second, one second, let me explain to you.”

“If you talk I’ll shoot you! Where’s the car key? Call him! Call him. Who has handcuffs?” the Hamas fighter says.

“Get out of the car, get on the floor with hands behind your back,” he says as he kicks the man to the ground.

“Who has a flag? I don’t want to hear a word from you, “he can be heard saying.

“Don’t do it, in the name of Allah,” the man says.

“What do you know about God, you work for the heathens.”

“This car is for us, do you have a flag?”

The video ends with the man on the ground with his hands tied behind his back.

While it was previously reported one of the terrorists’ tactics was to disguise to appear as Israeli, this is the first time it has been revealed.

In the wake of the October 7 massacre, the IDF said the assault was possible after Hamas fighters managed to transport terrorists into Israel after they disguised 20 vehicles as Israeli.

Some of the vehicles were marked as belonging to senior Hamas commanders while another eight off-road motorcycles were among the first to breach the border.

On October 7, Hamas terrorists stormed the Supernova festival killing hundreds of revellers.

Others were abducted by the terrorist group.

Among the Hamas fighters, there were also many disguised as Israeli soldiers or police officers.

Some of the survivors of the bloodbath reported that many revellers approached police and soldiers stationed at the exit road.

But as soon as they got close the disguised fighters shot them dead before throwing grenades to the cars trying to flee.

19-year-old survivor Maya P, who worked as a bouncer at the festival recalled trying to reach to her car with her boyfriend as the attack began.

She said at the time: “People ran towards them in the hope of being rescued, but they were executed.”

Maya was one of the few who managed to escape after running to a nearby bunker.

But she had a gut feeling that it was not going to be a safe place, and she and her boyfriend decided to cross the road and enter the desert.

Gunmen unleashed carnage on revellers October 7 slaughtering at least 260 people.

Hundreds were also taken hostage- including German tattoo artist Shani Louk, who was filmed being paraded on a truck surfaced.

The events of that day sparked an all-out war with thousands of casualties on both sides.

Hamas terrorists dressed in IDF gear forced the man inside a car and demanded the key

Hundreds were killed during the October 7 massacre as terrorists targeted the Nova musical festival just across the Israeli border

EPATerrorists kidnapped hundreds of civilians in the brutal assault[/caption]

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