World’s biggest DUMP as big as 1,200 football pitches will swallow up to 300 trucks of trash a DAY until 2275

World’s biggest DUMP as big as 1,200 football pitches will swallow up to 300 trucks of trash a DAY until 2275

THE world’s biggest dump is expected to devour a staggering 300 trucks of trash a day until the year 2275.

The Apex Landfill is the same same size as 1,200 football pitches and has so far collected a whopping 50million tons of “stinking” garbage.

AlamyApex landfill will swallow 300 trucks of trash a day until the year 2275[/caption]

AlamyTrucks are weighed upon arrival before they can dump their rubbish[/caption]

It is thought the the monstrous pit will continue its 24/7 operation well into the future, and will still be swallowing new rubbish in 252 years time.

Located North of Las Vegas the dump has existed since 1993 and on average 200 to 300 trucks of garbage are brought there everyday.

Trucks are weighed upon arrival before they are directed to the dumping ground – known as a cell.

Once at the cell, the trucks back up to the Tipper where the trailer separates the garbage.

“The trailer’s contents then slides into the landfill cell where it will be spread by a large compact tractor,” according to Jeremy Walters, Republic Services.

Apex handles garbage – meaning unpleasant items such as nappies, dog excrement and rotten food all end up there.

Of the trucks that deliver garbage to the landfill, about 200 of them are filled with general household garbage the rest is construction waste.

According to a Las Vegas Sun reporter who visited the site: “The odour is a clue to its real purpose.

“It does faintly stink, but not as bad as one might expect, considering it stores nearly 50 million tons of rotting trash.

“Another 9,000 tons or so rolls in every day. During the height of the construction boom a few years ago the daily average exceeded 15,000 tons.”

Apex also has a power station onsite that uses gas produced from the waste to generate electricity.

According to the DC0 energy website the station will use landfill gas extracted from a series of wells at the dump and use it in a “state-of-the-art turbine-generator” to make renewable electricity.

They said: “Using landfill gas in this manner reduces dependence on other natural resources, and improves air quality and carbon emissions.”

This is not the only time one of the world’s biggest things has made the news recently.

Yesterday we told of the world’s biggest indoor skydiving chamber that offers “breath-taking” high flying experiences suitable for all.

And in February a woman with the worlds biggest lips set her sights on breaking a new record.

GoogleThe landfill is located North of Las Vegas[/caption]

AlamyThe dump is the largest in the world as is the same size as 1,200 football pitches[/caption]

AlamyThere is also a power station on site that siphons gases produced by the landfill to generate electricity[/caption]

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