Putin sparks more plastic surgery rumours after appearing with swollen ‘butt filler’ cheeks as health claims swirl

Putin sparks more plastic surgery rumours after appearing with swollen ‘butt filler’ cheeks as health claims swirl

PUFFY Putin has got the internet laughing again after emerging with swollen cheeks that look like he used “butt filler” to cling onto his youth.

A recent video shows the Russian tyrant struggling to smile through his possibly botox-stuffed face as rumours of his deteriorating health continue to swirl.

AFPVladimir Putin’s changing facial features have provoked plenty of ridicule online[/caption]

Twitter/GerashchenkoPutin’s cheeks appear puffier than ever in a recent TV appearance as rumours swirl he is a botox addict[/caption]

AFPOnline users joked that Vlad looks like he has been stung by a bee[/caption]

In the strange clip from this week, it’s hard to ignore Putin‘s changing facial features as his cheeks appear puffier than ever.

And it doesn’t seem to be a stretch to suggest he enjoys plastic surgery after experts have long claimed his face shows clear signs of cosmetic improvements.

It seems that with each public appearance, Putin keeps the world guessing with a sordid series of health rumours, death scares and possible string of body doubles.

One Twitter user marvelled at the differences in Putin’s face this week.

Attributing his cheek changes to “butt implants”, he asked: “What the f*** is going on?”

Another joked: “Did he get stung by bees in both of his cheeks?”

And while speculation surrounding his internal health issues continues, his changing facial features cannot be ignored.

After two decades of his iron-fist rule, Putin almost appears younger than when he first rose to power.

Experts recently claimed that there is clear evidence of Vlad is addicted to going under the knife to improve his looks.

The rumours, which have been swirling since 2011, concern how his once gaunt, slim face now looks round and full – with little signs of visible ageing.

Speaking to The Sun, leading UK cosmetic surgeon Gerard Lambe is adamant that all signs lead to Putin having regular botox and filler injections.

“Mr Putin’s appearance has undergone a dramatic change over the years,” he said.

“The biggest changes I see are in his facial shape which is likely due to cheek fillers but this is often overdone in a bid to avoid a facelift – this is something I see in my clinic on a regular basis.

“He may have had fat injections to fill out hollows in the cheeks and temple regions also.”

Meanwhile, the Kremlin was forced to issue an extraordinary denial at the end of last month after false reports swirled that Putin had died.

Claims surfaced in a Telegram channel that Putin had died at his Valdai palace, just north of Moscow, and that his body was being kept in a freezer.

Ukrainian intelligence then alleged that Putin faked his own death in a bizarre bid to test his popularity among the Russian public.

Kyiv claimed last week the false rumours were deliberately spread by Putin’s allies.

The head of Ukrainian military intelligence Lt-Gen Kyrylo Budanov shockingly also alleged the real Putin hasn’t been seen since June 2022.

He said last month: “The one, who everyone used to know, was last seen around 26 June 2022.”

Adding fuel to the fire, a strange Putin-themed calendar containing only old photos of the tyrant sparked further speculation that he may have died.

None of the images chosen by the pro-Kremlin paper that produced the calendar were taken within the last two years.

Following the Kremlin’s denial, Putin brought back out his famously massive “social distancing” table – leaving a gaping distance between himself and Russia’s religious leaders.

His giant table meeting was a far cry from his recent close up meetings with other officials and further incited rumours that the tyrant uses body doubles for certain engagements.

In October, a breakthrough Japanese AI analysis claimed it had proved the 71-year-old leader does use body doubles.

The research relied on facial recognition, voice comparison and body movements to indicate there are several different Vlads

This week, Putin suffered fresh humiliation in the form of a not-so-flattering Russian AI-generator.

The AI chatbot Kandinsky managed to get the Russian flag wrong and create both a headless image of Putin and an embarrassingly naked portrait of Putin.

Kandinsky’s developers were reportedly summoned to the Russian prosecutor’s office as a result.

Twitter/GerashchenkoHis larger than life cheeks are being ferociously mocked online[/caption]

AFPExperts allege that he has clearly had cosmetic surgery[/caption]

An image of a far younger Putin shows how different his facial features have become

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