We bought a German Shepherd pup from Craigslist who turned out to be a bearded lunatic & nowhere NEAR what we’d expected

We bought a German Shepherd pup from Craigslist who turned out to be a bearded lunatic & nowhere NEAR what we’d expected

A COUPLE was left stunned when the adorable German Shepherd puppy they bought off Craigslist turned out to be something completely different.

TikToker Logan shared a video of the cute-looking pup that she named Ivy – who indeed looks like a German shepherd.

TiktokThe TikToker bought a pup off Craigslist for $75[/caption]

TiktokShe thought Ivy was a German Shepherd[/caption]

Her owner who uses the handle @loganalysse wrote: “Brought home a $75 German Shepherd puppy on Graigslist only for her to turn into…a 25 lbs bearded lunatic!”

The clip then shows a closeup of Ivy now that she’s grown – and while still adorable, it is clear she is not a German Shepherd.

Logan wrote in the video’s caption: “To be fair, they never said hoooow much of a German Shepherd she was….”

The TikToker’s followers quickly jumped to point out how cute Ivy with one saying: “To be fair she does look like a shepherd as a baby. she’s adorable.”

Another one said:”I swear these dogs are the most loyal and emotionally available.”

And a third added: “she looked so so suspicious from the beginning, just the way she looked at the camera.”

But many wondered how is it possible Logan did not realise when Ivy is not a German Shepherd when she saw the pup.

The TikToker then explained that when she went to pick her up, she saw her living in horrific conditions and was determined to save her as soon as possible.

Logan said: “I feel like I need to address this. When we went to get Ivy, her and her 8 siblings were COVERED in fleas and stuffed on top of one another in a diaper box.

“We wanted to take them all just to get them out of that situation but they were already all spoken for. She was better off with us.”

Logan added: “The mother was there and she was a German Shepherd. The dad was unknown, hence the only $75 for a ‘German Shepherd.’”

And then said: “My actual German Shepherd is always judging me. Ivy is my ride or die.”

In a similar case, another woman was stunned when what she thought was a rottweiler puppy turned into something quite different.

And this man who thought he had bought a puppy received the shock of his life when he realised it was a different creature all together.

And this woman was left in shock after discovering the “dog” she bought grew up to be a completely different beast.

TiktokLogan said Ivy turned out to be something completely different[/caption]

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