Abandoned seaside luxury hotel with 200 rooms, tennis courts & nightclub up for sale for £8m…but it needs a LOT of work

Abandoned seaside luxury hotel with 200 rooms, tennis courts & nightclub up for sale for £8m…but it needs a LOT of work

A LUXURY seaside hotel left abandoned years ago has gone on sale for £8 million, but the once-impressive resort needs a lot of work.

The hotel boasts hundreds of rooms, tennis courts, bars and a nightclub – but after 14 years of neglect it has fallen into disrepair.

clicleiloes.com.brThe once-impressive resort now stands empty with 200 hollowed out rooms, a neglected pool and crumbling walls[/caption]

Any new owner will need to pour serious time and money into either renovating or demolishing the hotel

Built in the 1970s and closed in 2009 – it was once an impressive and attractive tourist hotspot

Hotel Itapirubá, on the coast in Laguna, Brazil, is set to go up for auction in weeks at £8 million.

But the new owner will need to pour serious money and time into the once impressive building.

Spread over 60 thousand square metres on the idyllic coast, the hotel was opened in 1978 but closed for good in 2009 after issues management issues.

Haunting pictures show the 200 hollowed out rooms where guests once slept, and the empty swimming pool in the grounds.

Other buildings and hotels only metres away offer a glimpse into the once idyllic seaside scenery Itapirubá had been a part of.

Guests who stayed there enjoyed the luxury facilities, which included tennis courts and game rooms, as well as more practical modcoms like offices, meeting rooms and a garage.

Brighter images from years ago show the hotel in its heyday, with sparking white walls and tall palm trees lining the many swimming pools enjoyed by guests.

Around 50 miles from the capital of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, the area is famous for its beautiful beaches.

And the thousands of metres of hotel real estate left unused by the neglected hotel could now be transformed into something new – or demolished entirely.

It’s not the only tourist resort left neglected around the globe.

In Tenerife, a 22-storey hotel, also on the beachfront, has sat empty for 50 years.

Haunting photographs show the inside of the mammoth resort – which was supposed to house 741 individual apartments.

And in North Korea, the enormous Ryugyong Hotel has dominated the Pyongyang skyline for decades – despite hosting no guests.

The £1.6billion triangular hotel has never hosted a single guest, and has been dubbed the “Hotel of Doom”.

Brava Beach Group/Schmitz Official AuctioneersThe abandoned luxury hotel comes with neglected tennis courts and a nightclub[/caption]

The neglected resort is located in a popular seaside resort in Brazil known for its beaches

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