Satanic sacrifice fears as remains of missing man and woman found with eerie figures in abandoned mines 195 miles apart

Satanic sacrifice fears as remains of missing man and woman found with eerie figures in abandoned mines 195 miles apart

THE remains of a man and a woman found just miles apart in mines and surrounded by eerie figures has sparked a suspected satanic murder case.

The bodies were discovered in pits 195 miles apart in Bolivia.

Jam PressThe police suspects the deaths could be linked to a Satanic ritual[/caption]

Jam PressIn Bolivia, miners allegedly often make offerings to El Tio to yield good results[/caption]

The first body was found when officers came across figurines of the devil and other objects that suggest a sacrificial killing.

The male remains were found in a mine in Potosí, Bolivia.

The suspected victim’s brother has always believed that he was sacrificed to Satan or ‘El Tío’ – which translates as ‘The Uncle’ of the mine, also known as The Lord of the Underworld.

The police said they also discovered traces of coca leaves and alcohol in the immediate vicinity.

Miners at the site denied any involvement in the victim’s death.

The second body of the woman was found at a mine in Oruro.

The police suspect the remains are of a missing young woman, name not disclosed.

Luis González, lawyer for the victim’s family, said he believes the woman was tricked into going to the site before being sacrificed to dark forces.

He said the skeletal remains were found in a burned area about 150 feet from the mine entrance.

Forensic experts are still analysing the bodies before announcing the victims’ identities to the public.

In Bolivia, there have long been rumours of miners making offerings to El Tío to yield good results.

Miners reportedly sacrifice animals such as llamas to appease to the devil.

The miners believe El Tio controls the abundance of silver, tin and zinc they extract for a living.

Other rituals allegedly include offerings of alcohol and coca leaf, a stimulant miners chew to get through the long hours underground.

“The Lord of the Underworld” has a close resemblance to Christian devil, with red skin, fangs, goats’ ears and quite often a cigarette placed in the mouth by worshippers.

The police investigation is still ongoing.

Jam PressThe two bodies were discovered near two mines, 195 miles apart[/caption]

Jam PressAlcohol and coca leaf, commonly used by miners, were also found at the site[/caption]

Jam PressThe identities of victims haven’t been announced yet as investigation is ongoing[/caption]

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