US troops saw ‘red glowing UFO the size of a football pitch’ hovering over top secret space base the left them screaming

US troops saw ‘red glowing UFO the size of a football pitch’ hovering over top secret space base the left them screaming

A FORMER US Air Force officer has revealed two sightings of a UFO the size of a “football pitch” hovering at low altitude over a space launch base.

Veteran official Jeff Nuccetelli said he investigated the “red, glowing” flying saucer that hovered in the morning air over Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in 2003.

Former US Air Force officer Jeff Nuccetelli has revealed his investigation of the two UFO sightings

At least 80 people have known about the UFO sighting over the Air Force base in 2003

The eerie event was first made public this year in July after a sworn testimony before the Congress.

And now the ex-USAF senior has come out with his version of the story that involves a rapid-response investigation into the UFO sighting that occurred that day.

According to Nuccetelli, about half a dozen people witnessed the rare event – and at least 80 more people on the base back then knew about it.

Speaking on a podcast hosted by retired US Navy fighter pilot Lt. Ryan Graves, he said: “It was not a joke, everyone was scared and freaked out.”

The officer reportedly interviewed six other officers about the eerie sighting with his superior and described, to the best of his recollection, that a huge object came in moving strangely and erratically – and got bigger and brighter as it came.

Nuccetelli continued: “These guys are trained observers, they’re posted out there 24/7.

“They know what aircraft look like and what fishing boats look like.”

“I didn’t feel like they were just jumping the gun, because there had been a UFO.

He then told  Lt. Graves, who runs a nonprofit devoted to resolving concerns around such “unidentified aerial phenomena”, that he had rushed to the launch site in a car to discover more truth about the apparent UFO.

“I jumped in the car and everyone was going crazy over the radio.

“They started screaming saying ‘It’s coming right at us, it’s coming right for us. Now it’s right here.

“It was a mayhem.”

The apparent UFO sighting was preceded earlier that day by another encounter reportedly witnessed by aerospace contractors for Boeing – first disclosed to the public by Lt. Ryan Graves earlier this year in July,

Three Boeing contractors, Nuccetelli said, signed sworn statements in a testimony to the House Oversight Committee hearing on UFOs.

Those signed statements read: “A big square object, the size of a football field, was silently floating over the launchpad, red in colour, glowing – at a low altitude.”

Nuccetelli firmly believes a lot of other people, including the contractors and some cops, saw it with their own eyes – and he is actively working to track them down for fresh interviews.

The former senior USAF police officer, who went to work in an administrative role for the US Marshals after 16 years in the Air Force, has also delivered what he knows to the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO).  

Despite the controversy over the Pentagon UFO office’s reliability, Nuccetelli told the podcaster his AARO experience was surprisingly positive.

He quipped: “They spent a tremendous amount of time talking to me and I felt they were genuinely interested in the case.

“They were keen to know more and looking into it.”

His plan, he told Lt. Graves, is now to assist AARO in locating more witnesses to the October 14, 2003 sightings.

AlamyThe flying saucer was reportedly seen over the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California[/caption]

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