Huge blast derails Russian cargo train carrying mystery white substance in ‘Ukrainian sabotage attack’

Huge blast derails Russian cargo train carrying mystery white substance in ‘Ukrainian sabotage attack’

A MAJOR explosion sent nineteen carriages of a Russian cargo train crashing off the tracks in a possible sabotage attack early today. 

The unexpected blast ripped up the railway line in Ryazan region, 130 miles southeast of Moscow, in a fresh blow to Vladimir Putin on his home turf.

The site of the overturned cargo trains that were carrying a mysterious white powderEast2West

Russian sources claim partisans were behind the train ambushEast2West

A mysterious white power was seen in seven of the overturned wagons which was officially claimed to be “mineral fertiliser”.

It was suspected that the attack was either by Ukrainians operatives in Russia or by Russian partisans sympathetic to Kyiv. 

The rail incident was quickly labelled “sabotage” by the authorities after it appeared that this specific train was targeted.

Russian milbloggers have accused partisans of being behind the ambush that has caused severe damage to the railway line.

CCTV footage caught the sound of a loud explosion ripping up the track and causing the heavy train to derail.

Russian Railways reported that the crash was “as a result of interference by unauthorised persons in the operation of railway transport”.

The carriages were thrown off the line at 7.12am, near the town of Rybnoye. 

The driver’s assistant sustained minor injuries, and an ambulance was called.

The Russian Investigative Committee launched a criminal probe into the explosion and derailment. 

It came shortly after a suspected Ukrainian kamikaze drone attack on a Russian gunpowder plant and a factory making Iskander-M and other missiles.

Dramatic footage showed a blazing fire turning the sky crimson in the Tambov region, south of Moscow.

Russian media reported that the strike hit the military factory at around midnight on Friday.

Ukrainian telegram channels claimed their kamikaze drones were responsible for the daring attack.

Along with brazen attacks on Russian soil, Ukraine has made it their mission to turn Russian-occupied territories into an active war zone that they regularly target with a barrage of missiles and kamikaze drone attacks.

On Friday, startling footage emerged of a Ukrainian drone attack that blitzed Russian barracks and high-speed landing boats in occupied Crimea.

A ship can be seen in the aim sight of a sea drone camera before a huge explosion engulfs the screen.

Ukraine‘s homemade “Sea Baby” drones, which can travel 500 miles and carry 600lb of explosive, are responsible for a spate of audacious attacks on Russian vessels in recent months.

In recent months, Ukraine has ramped up production of its unmanned marine assault weapons that have become Putin‘s newest nightmare.

And Kyiv’s newly-designed £355k 20ft Marichka “death drones” were recently taken for a test swim as they are set to be unleashed on Russian targets soon.

It is the latest creation of Ammo.Ukraine, a volunteer organisation that is helping to turn the tides in the so-called “War of the Drones”.

Earlier this month, an incoming Ukrainian shell hit train tankers in the Russian-occupied city of Donetsk, creating a raging inferno.

The major attack at the train station reportedly killed two and wounded a dozen as a huge smoke cloud covered the eastern Ukrainian city that was taken by Russia over a year ago.

Disrupting transportation networks is a key tactic for Ukraine in order to wreak havoc in Moscow-controlled parts of Ukraine and break apart Russian supply lines to the frontline.

East2WestThe scale of the damage on full display[/caption]

East2WestThe cargo train lost 19 of its carriages in the suspected sabotage attack[/caption]

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