I had my arm ripped off in freak bus accident after putting it out the window – but it’s not stopped me hitting the gym

I had my arm ripped off in freak bus accident after putting it out the window – but it’s not stopped me hitting the gym

A YOUNG woman whose arm was ripped off in a freak bus accident hasn’t let it stop her hitting the gym.

Ana Beatriz Oliveira, 23, lost her arm when she left it hanging out of a bus window and it smashed into a pole, back in 2019.

Ana Beatriz, 23, had her arm ripped off in a freak bus accident when she was just 18-years-oldAna Beatriz Oliveira/CEN

Despite her disability she still works out and can pull off some very impressive lifts that she shares to TikTok@anna_oliverr17/CEN

The fitness influencer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was only 18 when she went through the terrifying ordeal but has now taken to TikTok to show off her impressive lifts.

Ana remembers the fateful day on the bus clearly and recently spoke about what happened.

She said: “I remember seeing my arm falling and having those five seconds of adrenaline.

“I didn’t feel anything, it just banged and I saw the arm falling.

“I was desperate, thinking I was going to die, because I was seeing everything going dark, as if I were going to faint, because I was losing a lot of blood. But I didn’t faint at any point.”

The window shattered almost instantly and Ana was quickly taken to a local hospital.

Ana spent 17 days in hospital as doctors tried to reattach her arm and look after the distraught girl.

She went through two surgeries but doctors couldn’t do anything to repair the limb and she lost it completely.

After hearing the tragic news Ana only had one thing on her mind.

She continued: “I just wanted to see my mother.

“I was worried about her because I already have a physically disabled brother, and at the time my mother was already taking care of him.

“I thought ‘Oh no, if I’m missing an arm, I’m going to give my mother a second job’ because I used to help her carry my brother, take him to physiotherapy, do things.”

As time has passed her social media has grown and people have flooded her with compliments due to her work ethic, especially in the gym.

Her TikTok videos regularly go viral and get millions of views when she films her heavy lifts and routines.

She’s always showing off impressive feats of strength with mega squats but also entertaining fans with her trademark dancing as she smiles to the camera.

Despite the traumatic experience and massively life-altering event, Ana still got people blaming her and sending negative comments her way online.

She said: “As (my story) went viral and had a lot of comments, my mother and people didn’t want me to read the messages.

“There are people who wish you well, and there are people who wish you bad and they keep putting you as the culprit, but no one knows, only those who went through it.”

Ana now works as a saleswoman and is still waiting for a prosthetic arm through from the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

She’s currently going through a lawsuit with the bus company, VB Transportes, and is hopeful that if she wins she can spend the money on getting a new arm.

Ana went on to say: “Whether you like it or not, a prosthesis is very expensive. I went to look and what I need is £16,571 and up, that’s the simplest.

Bionic limbs that can help Ana feel as close to normality as possible due to the movement, are even more at around £30,000.

Ana received a lot of support from her family and friends who she praises for helping her become a more mature and happy person.

She said: “I had a very closed mind, I cared more about myself and was a slightly more selfish person. It opened my mind a lot.

“Nowadays I can deal with things better, I learned a lot, including how to value life more.”

Fans flood her videos with comments such as one who said “You are incredibly strong, may God continue to strengthen you more every day!”

And another noted: “I could only notice the smile on your face despite the whole situation, you are strong.”

Ana was stuck in hospital for 17 days as doctors couldn’t reattach her armAna Beatriz Oliveira/CEN

Ana Beatriz Oliveira/CENThe horror accident made her more mature and happier as she appreciated her life[/caption]

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