We had to pick up £650 bill at pal’s engagement meal after couple used sneaky tactic – but everyone says it’s our fault

We had to pick up £650 bill at pal’s engagement meal after couple used sneaky tactic – but everyone says it’s our fault

A FUMING couple were left to pay a whopping £650 dinner bill after they were caught out by their pals sneaky tactic.

The pair went out for dinner to celebrate their friend’s recent engagement but have gone on to cause a mass debate online over who’s in the wrong.

InstagramEbony Mackey and her partner Jon Nelson were left fuming with their recently engaged friends as they were forced to pay for the entire £650 bill due to a sneaky tactic[/caption]

Ebony took to TikTok to talk about the incident and was met with a mixed reaction online with some blaming her for allowing it to happen

According to a TikTok by disgruntled diner Ebony Mackey, her and her partner Jon Nelson were left in disbelief at being expected to pay for the whole meal.

Ebony made a post explaining how she was left “annoyed” after they were forced into covering the £650 cost of the celebratory meal after their buddy left to go to the toilet at the most convenient time.

The New York business owner, told viewers that Jon just ended up putting his card down and paying for the whole thing after they realised the stunt that was being pulled.

In the clip, which has over 195,000 views, Ebony speaks directly to the camera to breakdown the situation after spending days being “bothered” by the whole ordeal.

She began by setting the scene and explaining that the dinner was because their friends had got engaged a few months back and the group had “a lot to catch up on”, after not seeing each other since the big news.

The couple were already slightly annoyed after being made to wait 30 minutes at the bar as the newly engaged pair turned up fashionably late.

After the dodgy start, the foursome got plenty of drinks going, ordered some starters and cracked on with the main course.

The cheque kept getting longer and longer as the night drew to a close but Ebony wasn’t too bothered as they were having a great night and the conversation was flowing.

She said in the video: “It’s been about an hour to an hour and a half.

“We all do a celebratory shot and at the end of that Jon and I are noticing that the restaurant is starting to close. They’re starting to pack up.”

Ebony called for the cheque as the waitress dropped the huge £650 bill in the centre of the table so everyone can see the price to pay.

But as the cheque came down the soon-to-be husband bounced straight up and made his swift exit.

Ebony continued: “The guy suddenly goes, ‘Oh where’s the bathroom? I need to use the bathroom’

“Jon knees me under the table and I’m just like, are they going to try to stick us with a bill?”

She explained how the now lonely woman looked at the remaining pair in anticipation before Jon eventually caved in and reached for the cheque.

The response given, stirred the pot even more and irritated the couple.

The fiance stated: “Oh, you’re treating?”

As Jon went: “I guess so.”

At this point Ebony realised they had been duped into paying out for a free night of drinks and food.

She said in her TikTok: “And I’m sitting there like, what the f**k?”

The man who ran to the bathroom made a similar remark as his future Mrs on his return saying: “Oh, thank you for treating.”

Jon tried to play it off as a slightly annoying misunderstanding but Ebony wasn’t feeling quite the same.

She admitted: “At this point, I’m very annoyed.

“I’m annoyed with her and I’m annoyed with him and I didn’t say anything.

“And we wound up paying for their entire meal, plus their drinks, plus the tip.”

The videos caption read: “This was honestly so awkward and expensive!!!

“I was so annoyed with both the other man and woman but we kept our cool and will probably NOT be going out with them again.”

Ebony made a follow-up video titled, “Dinner story part two,” and gave more information on the story that had gripped the media platform.

To avoid the public embarrassment of sparking up a debate at the table Ebony said she pulled her friend aside for a chat at the bar.

When questioned about what just went down, Ebony claimed that the woman’s response was that her fiancé “went to the bathroom and Jon just pulled out his card”.

The fiery debate then reached its peak as Ebony told her friend: “When you get married just know we’re not contributing a single thing and if you don’t want to invite us that’s perfectly fine.

“This dinner was worth a lot more than most things on your registry.”

As the two couples said their goodbyes Jon completely ignored the man’s attempt at a handshake and swiftly left the restaurant.

Ebony ended the original viral clip by asking: “What would you have done in this situation?”

The post quickly flooded with comments from people arguing for both sides.

One wrote: “In the future, when someone asks, ‘Oh you’re treating?’ Be truthful.

“Say, ‘no I think it’s best that we split it.’ It really is as simple as that.”

Another slammed the unhappy couple for dragging the situation onto social media and not dealing with it at the time.

They wrote: “Honestly, I’m annoyed that you guys would be this bothered YET not say anything!

“I’d IMMEDIATELY let them know.”

A third person chimed in with a cleaver trick of their own: “These situations ARE awkward but (people) who win are the ones who take the lead.

“So pick up the check AND announce: ‘let’s split it down the middle.’”

One person didn’t see the huge outrage and wrote: “Maybe they thought you were treating them as an engagement gift.”

As another praised the man for paying calling him “gracious” but admitting it would be the last time they went out for dinner with friends like those.

After the incident, the still frustrated Ebony made it clear the “Manhattan way” of doing things is to all chip in and have the waitress split the bill equally.

She said: “We live in Manhattan and every single time that we go out to eat if there are a group of people, every single man will pull out their card when the tab comes.”

Ebony went on to say: “If we do (go out again), Jon calls people out.

“He lets it happen one time but then the next time he’ll say something.

“He’ll be like ‘so am I paying for this now too or what’s going on?’ He will do that.”

Elsewhere, a couple who ran out of a restaurant without paying for their meal said they had a good reason to after they were shamed for dashing online.

Meanwhile, an ex-pat faked heart attacks in at least 20 restaurants in Spain in a brazen bid to dodge paying the bill.

A restaurant owner was also left furious after a married couple fled the country without paying for their £7,000 banquet bill in Italy.

In a follow up TikTok Ebony made it clear that she pulled the woman up for the trick and made it clear she wasn’t happy with what had happened

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