Hamas ‘hospital base’ revealed as IDF video shows lair filled with guns, grenades and rockets

Hamas ‘hospital base’ revealed as IDF video shows lair filled with guns, grenades and rockets

ISRAELI military claimed they have discovered one of Hamas’ lairs and weapons headquarters set in a hospital basement in Gaza.

IDF footage from the Rantisi hospital revealed what appears to be an underground terror nest littered with babies‘ nappies and bottles – possibly indicating hostages could have been held there.

IDFThe IDF claimed they found hand grenades, laptops, explosives and RPG missiles at a hospital basement in Gaza[/caption]

IDFBaby bottles were found in the underground floor[/caption]

IDFTroops claim they also found this pack of nappies[/caption]

Troops said they found many weapons in the hospital basement, including explosive belts, grenades, weapons and RPG missiles.

In a video published by the IDF, the forces spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said: “This is a kind of gear used for a major fight.”

Pointing to each item laid out on the floor, he explained: “These are explosives, these are vests with explosives [in them] for a terrorist to explode on [Israeli] forces among hospitals, among patients.”

A motorcycle with gunshot marks was also found, which according to Israeli military officials, was used by Hamas terrorists in the October 7 massacre.

In addition, troops claim they have found signs indicating that hostages were held in the room as they found a chair with women’s clothes and a rope.

From the hospital, the IDF claimed they uncovered an operational tunnel shaft, which leads to the area of the home of a senior naval commander located just a few yards away.

Hamas and hospital staff deny the claims that a terror command cell is hidden in tunnels underneath hospitals.

The shocking footage comes after Israeli forces wiped out a Hamas terror cell in another Gaza hospital as they used patients as human shields to try and escape.

The IDF today said troops were fired at by Hamas fighters from the entrance of Al Quds hospital as they “embedded” themselves among civilians.

Israeli forces returned fire, claiming to have taken out 21 terrorists in the attack.

An IDF statement read: “RPG fire and small arms fire were directed at the soldiers from the direction of the al Quds Hospital in Gaza City.

“The shooting was carried out by a terrorist squad that had embedded itself within a group of civilians at the entrance of the hospital.

“During the incident, approximately 21 terrorists were killed and there were no casualties to our forces.”

It did not confirm or deny whether any civilians were killed during the fighting.

Israel claims that as civilians fled the building Hamas militants came out of nearby buildings and his among them in order to attack the Israeli forces.

The Al Shifa hospital, the largest in Gaza City, has also come under fire amid IDF war efforts in the Strip and has become a focal point in the war.

Scores of IDF troops and tanks surrounded the Al Shifa hospital today amid growing fears for the hundreds of civilians trapped inside.

Like Al Quds, it has stopped accepting new patients after its fuel has completely run out and patients are struggling without enough food, water or medical supplies.

The Israeli military believes terror group Hamas’ main command centre is located under the Al Shifa hospital complex and senior leaders of the group are hiding there, using the facility as a shield as they did with Al Quds.

IDFThe IDF claims this motorcycle with gunshot marks was used by Hamas terrorists in the October 7 massacre[/caption]

IDFTroops claimed they also found this chair with women’s clothes and a rope tied at the bottom, saying it could be a sign of a hostage lair[/caption]

IDFThe underground terror nest was believed to be located inside Rantisi Hospital, just yards away from a secret tunnel entrance and the home of a senior Hamas official[/caption]

IDFThe secret tunnel goes 20 metres into the ground[/caption]

IDFThe hidden entrance is located under this pile of debris, the IDF said[/caption]

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