Inside world’s poshest McDonald’s in massive ‘McMansion’ with special fancy menu including lobster & lavish dining room

Inside world’s poshest McDonald’s in massive ‘McMansion’ with special fancy menu including lobster & lavish dining room

THE world’s fanciest McDonald’s is located inside a 150-year-old colonial mansion, and it even sells lobster rolls.

You might mistake the McMansion for a fine dining restaurant at a first glance.

McDonald’s CorporationThe fanciest McDonald’s operates from a 150-year-old mansion[/caption]

McDonald’s CorporationFrom the inside it looks as posh with the wooden furniture[/caption]

McDonald’s CorporationThe restaurant even has a beautiful fireplace[/caption]

McDonald’s CorporationMcDonald’s preserved the original structure to abide by the strict town rules[/caption]

Even after stepping inside, it is hard to believe that this is the same fast food chain everyone loves.

With wooden furniture, beautiful fireplaces and mahogany booths, this McDonald’s would fool anyone to think they’re in a posh tavern.

Even though the menu doesn’t have expensive steaks and vintage wines, it still has distinguished items to offer.

Apart from familiar Big Macs and chicken nuggets, you can spoil yourself with lobster rolls in summer season.

When McDonald’s decided to open in Newport in 1984, the town wasn’t happy with the fast-food giant ruining its aesthetic.

Strict building design restrictions meant McDonald’s had to give up its signature colours and architecture.

The fast-food chain obliged and remodeled an existing structure to fit in better with the town.

They chose the Gore House with its charming window shutters and white columns built by a wealthy local merchant in 1850.

McDonald’s blended in so well, you might even miss it when passing by these days.

The fast-food restaurant went as far as to ditch its famous golden arch that called everyone’s attention.

It is one of the few restaurants to not have a single yellow McDonald’s arch in sight.

But it’s not the only posh McDonald’s in the world with the other one located in Rome with hand-carved statues at the entrance.

With over 40,000 restaurants around the globe, McDonald’s undoubtedly has some bizarre locations and interesting buildings in different countries.

One such restaurant serves food straight out of an abandoned airplane in New Zealand.

Another extraordinary location was dubbed “most breathtaking” McDonald’s in the world for serving food right on the beach with beautiful views of the sea.

But the biggest restaurant to date is located in Orlando, Florida and even has a huge arcade, play area and an exclusive menu offering pizza.

TripadvisorMcMansion has a special distinguished menu serving lobster rolls during summer[/caption]

Flikr – NNECAPA Photo LibraryIt is one of the few locations without a single signature golden arch[/caption]

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