Putin has lost staggering 300,000 Russian soldiers in his failing war in Ukraine, says UK intelligence

Putin has lost staggering 300,000 Russian soldiers in his failing war in Ukraine, says UK intelligence

RUSSIA has lost a staggering 302,000 soldiers in Ukraine and thousands more have deserted according to new UK figures.

Countless more have also been mown down fighting for pro-Putin organisations like the Wagner group.

Ukraine shared video of what they claim to be dead Russian soldiers on the battlefield by Avdiivka – where Russia has tried, and failed, to capture the crucial townEast2West

Russia has suffered it’s highest losses of the year in the month-long meat grinder battle

Fresh estimates from Britain have highlighted just how big the blow is to Putin’s war effort as he continues to hopelessly push forward in Ukraine.

Armed Forces minister James Heappey revealed Putin had lost 7,117 armoured vehicles since he launched his full scale invasion on Feb 24 last year.

The figure includes more than 2,400 main battle tanks – out of an estimated total stock of just over 3,000 when the war started.

Crashes, missiles and sabotage strikes have also cost Putin at least 93 aircraft, 132 helicopters and 320 drones.

It comes as chilling new footage shows how the despot tyrant is using his forces as cannon fodder on the front line amid heavy losses in Crimea and eastern Donbas.

Mr Heappey, a former soldier, said Russian naval losses included 16 “vessels of all classes”.

He also said Putin’s invaders had lost “1,300 artillery systems” including heavy Howitzer guns and multiple rocket launchers.

A month-long bid by Russian troops to further invade Ukraine in a meat-grinder battle for Avdiivka has brought them little success, and cost the lives of many soldiers.

They have been pushing in on the town – a crucial stronghold thanks to its position as a gateway to Donetsk – for a month with no real success.

Russia has poured in thousands of troops, brought in tanks, armoured cars and more – but has only suffered its biggest losses of the year in both soldiers and equipment.

Now horrifying video show dozens of dead Russian troops on the battlefield.

The clip, shared by a Telegram channel that has documented Russian deaths throughout the war, was captioned: “A huge number of deaths in the Avdiivka area”.

Military analysts have suggested that Putin’s troops are trying to encircle Avdiivka, and expected it to happen in only a day or two.

Ukraine claimed Russia has lost 7,000 soldiers, 100 tanks and 250 armoured vehicles in the doomed attempt to capture bomb-blitzed Avdiivka.

Footage shared by Ukraine also appeared to show Kyiv’s forces defiantly pushing back Russian troops in what they described as a “meat storm”.

A Ukrainian brigade said Russia launched an assault on them at dawn on Monday with tanks, armoured cars and artillery fire from land and air.

They claimed that within only a few hours they were forced to “flee in disgrace”.

Ukraine was thought to have lost at least 70,000 soldiers who had died and 100,000-120,000 who were wounded by late summer.

The recent UK figures of Russia’s death toll chimes with earlier US estimates of 120,000 Russian dead and 180,000 injured.

The UN has recorded more than 27,000 civilian casualties including almost 10,000 killed and 17,000 injured since the bloody war began.

Apparently Putin himself has even stocked his favourite mansion overlooking the Black Sea with missiles after drone attacks from Ukraine.

The dictator has been left fearing for his life after attacks from Ukraine drones successfully targeted the area surrounding his palace in Sochi.

At the beginning of the war his house was considered out of the reach of drones and missiles from Ukraine – but this is no longer the case.

Just 10 months into his brutal war Putin had reached the chilling marker of 100,000 Russian losses.

Experts chillingly warned that he would be happy to send one million Russians to the slaughter in his desperate bid to achieve victory in Ukraine.

A resident walks with a soldier through rubble in Avdiivka

Ukraine said Russia has lost 7,000 soldiers, 100 tanks and 250 armoured vehicles just in the battle to capture Avdiivka aloneEast2West

More footage shared by Ukraine shows Kyiv’s forces attacking Russia on the frontline

Russians can be seen fleeing following the explosion in the dramatic clip

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