Tearful Israeli rescuers describe cleaning the bloody bedroom of nine-month old baby boy killed in Hamas massacre

Tearful Israeli rescuers describe cleaning the bloody bedroom of nine-month old baby boy killed in Hamas massacre

A BLOOD-STAINED pillow and a bullet-ridden crib – tearful Israeli volunteers have told of the horrors of cleaning up a baby boy’s bedroom.

Traumatised rescue workers face the harrowing task of clearing and cleaning the Israeli border towns and villages devastated by Hamas’s October 7 massacres.

XA Zaka first responder shows the nine-month-old baby’s blood-stained pillow[/caption]

XThe volunteers reveal the bullet hole in his crib[/caption]

XAnother emergency worker cries as he recalls what he witnessed in the aftermath of the October 7 attacks[/caption]

The Zaka emergency responders were the first to enter the burnt, bloodied and destroyed kibbutzim after they were liberated from Hamas monsters.

In the immediate aftermath, they described scenes of unimaginable horrors inside – and now they are part of the effort to clean up those horrors.

A video, posted by the Israeli government, shows the volunteers moving house-to-house and removing the worst evidence of Hamas’s crimes.

“Three generations were murdered here,” a volunteer says as the camera films them desperately scrubbing blood off the walls of a home.

“Grandmother, father and nine-month baby.”

“This is the baby’s pillow from around his bed,” he said, holding up the bloodied object before pointing to the bullet hole in the crib.

When asked how they were feeling, a man holding back tears said the last month of work was “very difficult”.

“[We] come in each time and try to understand what happened, what happened to this boy, this little boy… who was murdered with such cruelty.”

He continued: “What they did to him you can see it in the ruins here. It’s just unfathomable, it’s very difficult.”

Three exhausted-looking Zaka volunteers then told of the day they entered Be-eri Kibbutz, where more than 100 innocent civilians were slaughtered.

One recalled: “We went into a house and it caught my eye straight away – a birthday cake sitting on the living room table.

“You go into a room and you see a birthday cake and you know there was joy there. Your eyes immediately go to the fridge to see family photos.

“Then a strong smell hits you with the whole weight of why you’re here. You’re not here to eat cake.”

He described finding the bodies of a family of five still hugging each other on the floor.

“This was the last moments of their lives and you, as a Zaka volunteer, have to separate one body from another,” he said with tears streaming down his face.

His colleague wept silently next to him.

The Sun saw first-hand the horrors inside Be-eri Kibbutz as they went inside a nursery littered with bullets and pools of blood.

A children’s plastic slide stood among the carnage next to pink bicycles and scooters and an Israeli soldier explained: “Many children died here — some horribly mutilated.”

In Kfar Azar Kibbutz, the first responders reported that at least 40 babies and kids were murdered, with some beheaded.

And in the wake of the mass slaughter, Israel is compiling horrifying evidence to prosecute hundreds of captured terrorists who unleashed hell on Israel.

The investigators spoke to a witness who claimed to have watched Hamas monsters gang-rape a woman before shooting her in the head while still having sex with her.

Another survivor claimed that Hamas paraded the severed heads of Israeli victims “as if they were mere bags”.

Israel also recently revealed documents which suggest the terrorists “had planned to rape women”.

The files allegedly belonging to Hamas gunmen contain Arabic-Hebrew translations of sexual terminology with phrases like “take your pants off”.

Israel is also in the process of releasing gruesome unfiltered bodycam footage it says proves the true scale of Hamas’s barbarity.

The footage shows sheer merciless violence – beheadings, mutilated children and families torn apart.

On October 7, Hamas launched a cross-border killing spree on Israel, slaughtering 1,200, mostly civilians, and dragging some 230 hostages back into Gaza.

Over 11,000 people – including 4,500 children – are said to have been killed in Gaza since Israel began its retaliatory strikes and ground operations, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.

Forty days into the grinding conflict and the bomb-blitzed Strip has been “split in two” by IDF forces who have relentlessly pushed ahead with their invasion in an attempt to wipe out Hamas for good.

Now, 16 years of Hamas’s brutal rule of the Strip could finally be crumbling as Israeli forces surrounding Gaza City move to fully capture it.

Israel claims Hamas has lost control of Gaza after its troops reportedly captured the terror group’s parliament and police headquarters.

Yoav Gallant, Israeli Defence Minister, announced today: “There is no power of Hamas capable of stopping the IDF.

“The IDF is advancing to every point.

“The Hamas organization has lost control of Gaza, terrorists are fleeing south, civilians are looting Hamas bases, they have no confidence in the government.”

XA devastated group of the first responders describe the horrors they witnessed in israeli border towns and villages after Hamas[/caption]

XThe volunteers face having to clear up the blood-soaked floors and walls of homes[/caption]

XThe workers move through the rubble of a destroyed kibbutz[/caption]

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