BA cabin crew ‘lied about armed robbery to cover up massive drink and drugs bender leaving passengers stranded’

BA cabin crew ‘lied about armed robbery to cover up massive drink and drugs bender leaving passengers stranded’

POLICE have dramatically accused three British Airways cabin crew of lying about being robbed after going on a wild drink and drugs binge in Rio de Janeiro.

Officers are considering charges against the trio for “falsely reporting a crime”.

G1CCTV footage reportedly shows cabin crew members on a night out in Rio[/caption]

PAThe Sun exclusively revealed how a flight was cancelled after three cabin crew reported being victims of a robbery in Brazil[/caption]

Frontline airline workers – aged 40, 39, and 31 – have been accused of “inventing” the armed robbery to avoid being punished by bosses.

The Sun exclusively revealed in September how a flight was cancelled after staff reported being victims of a terrifying robbery.

But investigators said they now believe the crew lost their phones after a crazed night of debauchery in Brazil.

They were accused of downing large amounts of alcohol – and even taking Class A drugs – before trying to cover their tracks.

Police delegate Patrícia Alemany said: “What is surprising is how a crew that has such an important role spends the whole night drinking and using drugs, knowing that the next day they would have the responsibility of taking care of dozens of people who would travel for hours.”

As reported in The Sun, the incident, in the early hours of September 5, led the airline to postpone flight BA248, between Brazil and London’s Heathrow airport.

CCTV footage from 4.50am in the morning reportedly shows the cabin crew on their night out in Rio.

Two of the BA crew originally told cops they took a taxi back to the hotel after a night on the town – but were taken to a closed petrol station and robbed by three men.

They said thieves took two phones and their belongings.

They then claimed a third phone, which they had secretly hidden on them, was stolen when they were held up again after they took another cab home.

The third BA worker told police he had blanked out – and believed his drink was spiked.

But assistant police chief Danielle Bullus said: “The investigation shows that they did not tell the truth. They didn’t say what actually happened that morning. 

“They created these stories to try to justify probably inappropriate behaviour outside of company rules. 

“But we found out that there was a theft of a cell phone from the pair who were in Vaz Lobo.”

Cops believe the third BA crew member, who was separated from his chums, drank “to the point of becoming unconscious”.

They said construction workers revived him and called for help and, “while waiting for the ambulance, the foreigner allegedly showed a pin of white powder – the police believe it to be cocaine”.

In hospital, cops say the BA worker admitted he had “spent the night drinking and taking drugs with two women”.

The airline was said to have cancelled the flight home because the staff were “too traumatised to work”.

BA told The Sun: “This is a matter for the police.”

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