‘Living Nostradamus’ Athos Salome predicts wave of natural disasters before end of 2023 – where & when they’ll ‘strike’

‘Living Nostradamus’ Athos Salome predicts wave of natural disasters before end of 2023 – where & when they’ll ‘strike’

THE self-proclaimed psychic who has been dubbed “The Living Nostradamus” has warned that a wave of natural disasters may strike before the end of the year.

Athos Salomé, 37, from Brazil, has previously claimed to have prophesied the existence of the coronavirus, the war against Ukraine, and the Queen’s death.

Instagram/@athos_salomeThe Brazilian clairvoyant Athos Salome has predicted that the end of the year will see an increase in natural disasters[/caption]

The self-titled seer has been likened to the 16th Century prophesier NostradamusGetty

His devout followers often liken him to Nostradamus, the famous 16th Century seer whose prophecies have been credited with correctly predicting the future.

Although nowhere near the 6,338 prophecies that Nostradamus wrote, the self-titled seer Athos has been pumping out masses of predictions for the future.

He clarified that these events are not necessarily set in stone, and that he does not intend to cause panic through his predictions.

In 2022 he claimed that the world would see the arrivals of zombies, and he also predicted that a satanic figure from the Bible would present itself at some point in 2023.

His latest predictions, however, he has warned that floods and earthquakes may sweep over the world before the end of the year.

Athos has even claimed to know exactly where these natural disasters will strike.

According to him, the areas expected to be hit the worst will be in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

More specifically, he has claimed that the Indonesian island of Java and the areas between North California and South British Columbia will “face nature’s unyielding force”.

These areas will face an intense period of heightened volcanic and seismic activities.

He has also claimed that other areas, like the Philippines and Thailand, will see an increase in the intensity of cyclones and hurricanes.

While the Gulf of Mexico and Florida should expect an exacerbated risk of storms.

Areas like Brazil, the Ganges, and the Mekong River Delta are being threatened by heavy rainfall that may cause severe flooding.

Athos has claimed that the focus in these areas must turn to prevention measures.

Yet, despite Athos’ forecasts, he has also disclaimed that some events are beyond his ability to predict paranormal events.

Athos stated that action can still be taken to prevent many of these natural disasters.

He said: “I don’t intend to instil fear in society.

“I hopes that the negative events predicted will not come true.

“My warnings are to actually serve as motivation for us to come together and prioritise our well being.

“I also need to emphasise the importance of implementing policies, building infrastructure and importantly increasing awareness, on a global level and believe that with governance and citizen cooperation, we can avoid these challenges altogether.”

Previously, the seer told The Sun Online that there is hope, gloom and the supernatural in humankind’s future.

Athos claims that his visions hit him out of the blue, and reiterated that he does not share them to cause fear.

He told The Sun Online that: “The predictions are made as a warning, not to bring despair to the population

“This is no cause for despair, rather I warn so that the predictions reach the great leaders and something is done to prevent the worst.”

ReutersAthos predicts that storms like Hurricane Otis will sweep across the Gulf of Mexico[/caption]

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