Putin’s £40m ‘V’ superyacht with round bed and ceiling mirror is REVEALED after vessel is ‘kitted out for gymnast lover’

Putin’s £40m ‘V’ superyacht with round bed and ceiling mirror is REVEALED after vessel is ‘kitted out for gymnast lover’

VLADAMIR Putin’s £40million superyacht features a huge circular bed with a ceiling mirror after being “kitted out for his gymnast lover”.

The 223ft-long vessel, named Victora, is now one of 10 known yachts in the Russian tyrant’s ever-growing armada.

East2WestPutin’s £40million superyacht Victoria is a staggering 223ft long[/caption]

East2WestIt features a circular bed with a ceiling mirror as reports claim it has been ‘kitted out for his gymnast lover’[/caption]

East2WestSince 2008, Putin and his presumed young mistress, Alina Kabaeva, have been romantically linked[/caption]

Images of the incredible ship, dubbed “the flagship of his Black Sea flotilla” show a glamorous interior consisting of glossy wooden flooring and high round ceilings.

The £40million Victoria – with its lavish and gaudy decor – is usually based in Sochi on the Black Sea, where warmonger Putin moves his court in summer, as did the Romanov tsars. 

The ship can carry 28 people but usually operates with just six passengers and a crew of up to 15.

The Victoria is a favourite of the unofficial Russian tsarina, revealed a report by Dossier Centre.

A customs declaration in 2019 indicates the Putin “royal yacht” has “two master cabins on board”, possibly for Putin and his glamorous lover Alina Kabaeva, 40. 

As Russia‘s so-called “First Mistress”, Kabaeva lives a continuous life of glamour and mystery but has allegedly spent recent months holed up inside Putin’s secret forest palace.

Since 2008, the brunette bombshell has been the target of sustained speculation that she is Putin’s secret lover and the mother of his youngest kids.

The Russian politician and retired Olympic gymnast who is said to have a fleet of limousines at her disposal and a squad of machine gun-toting security guards for her protection, is now rumoured to be missing in the wake of last month’s bizarre reports Putin had croaked.

A close friend of Kabeva’s – artist gymnast and choreographer Natalia Belugina – drew attention to the floating palace by posing with it in the background as she performed the standing splits.

“There are the same number of master cabins on the Graceful yacht” – another Putin superyacht, some 270ft in length. 

“[Russian] presidential residences always have two separate bedrooms: for the owner and for the hostess.”

One of Victoria’s master bedrooms has a giant round bed with a mirror above. 

The investigation by Dossier Centre does not indicate whether this is “his” or “her” bedroom, but the couple are rumoured to have been close for 15 years even though the relationship has never been officially acknowledged. 

Intriguingly, the yacht’s TV system is connected to multiple channels for children, perhaps confirming that Putin has a young family with Kabaeva, often denied by the Kremlin. 

“Among the items purchased for the yacht: four napkin rings cost £690, beach towels, £1,950, achessset, £1,316, and a backgammon set cost a staggering £2,900. 

“There is also a television on board with a connected package of channels for children.”

The yacht’s routings have taken it to Cape Idokopas, the location of the notorious £1billion Gelednzhik palace, widely seen as Putin’s “secret bunker” despite official Kremlin denials

In 2021 the Victoria, launched in 2013, was seen near annexed Crimea, according to the investigation by Dossier Centre. 

“After the war began, the Scheherazade was seized in Italy, and the Victoria is now the largest Putin-linked yacht in the Black Sea,” said the report. 

The report says Putin has not been photographed on the vessel but other proof exists that it belongs to the dictator – who has been called the world’s richest man. 

The crew are secret services officers, as seen on the £560million Scheherazade, Putin’s 460ft flagship.

The six-deck Sheherazade features a pool that becomes a dancefloor, a huge home cinema, and even tasteless gold toilet roll holders.

Pictures obtained by The Sun show six decks of obscene luxury and sickening excess.

The secret service crew also serve on another sumptuous Putin yacht, the £100million Graceful, now known as the Killer Whale.

Photos of the floating mansion show gold-lined drawing rooms, crystal chandeliers, plush carpets, and expensive artwork.

The yacht’s helipad had also been refitted along with a huge ‘sea pool’ worth £2million which was made by a company which makes Russian submarines.

The champagne-coloured carpet in the master bedroom alone is believed to have cost the equivalent of £40,000.

But despite the latest vessel, Victoria, being packed with the finest features, it is now being upgraded at a Nato shipyard – the Desan shipyard in Istanbul, Turkey

“This unusual company not only fulfils civilian orders but also builds military ships for NATO and can work with the Alliance’s classified documentation,” says the investigation.

It was originally built by the Sevmash military plant in Russia. 

An early favourite of Putin was the 187ft Olympic yacht, say reports.

But it was not grand enough as he wanted to compete with the modern ocean-going liners favoured by his oligarch friends. 

Victoria – like Scheherazade – has been linked to Putin pal, billionaire Gennady Timchenko, who is reported to have raised funds from wealthy cronies to ensure Putin has the largest armada among Russians. 

Yet his yachts are hidden from the eyes of the general Russian public as the tyrant leader he seeks to keep ahead of his wealthiest oligarchs.

East2WestAnother luxury bedroom features a TV that reportedly shows children’s channels[/caption]

East2WestGlamorous lighting and glossy wooden features can be seen throughout the vessel[/caption]

East2WestThe Victoria is usually based in Sochi on the Black Sea[/caption]

East2WestVictoria is currently undergoing upgrades at the Desan shipyard in Istanbul, Turkey[/caption]

East2WestNatalya Belugina is seen posing in front of Putin’s yacht Victoria[/caption]

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