15 Unique White Elephant Gifts Under $25

15 Unique White Elephant Gifts Under $25

An excellent white elephant gift succeeds on multiple levels—a practical item is always welcome, but a unique gift that can raise a laugh or, better yet, inspire a steal or a swap, is always in demand. While shopping for the loved ones on your list can be more straightforward, securing the right white elephant gift takes creativity, ingenuity, and a sense of humor. Lucky for you, however, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of finding a cheeky (and steal-worthy) gift for your next holiday party—and the best part? They all clock in at $25 or less. Read on for TIME’s best white elephant gifts of 2023—and check out last year’s list for even more ideas.

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Sriracha hot chocolate mix

Heat things up this winter with a piquant twist on a classic holiday drink. The iconic tangy and sweet spice of sriracha adds a kick to hot chocolate with this unique mix.

Buy now: $4.95 at McSteven’s; $14.99 at Amazon

A DIY sushi candy making kit

Give sushi a sweet makeover with this playful candy making kit. Complete with all the ingredients and a mold tray, you can create toothsome candy that looks like different types of sushi ingredients, from ikura and tuna to nori and rice.

Buy now: $4.99 at Economy Candy; $5.49 at Amazon

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A retro game of Uno

Uno’s easy-to-learn rules and fun for all ages have helped to make it a family favorite for over five decades. Now, with its retro edition of the iconic game, Uno pays homage to the original design of the playing cards and its 50-year legacy as a pastime.

Buy now: $6.49 at Target; $15.10 at Amazon

Poo-Pourri holiday on-the-go set

Everyone can appreciate the gift of discretion, which is what you’ll get with this holiday-themed Poo-Pourri set. The odor-eliminating bathroom spray, which is made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients, comes in two festive scents and is packaged in streamlined, travel-friendly spritzers that are perfect for seasonal escapades or the holiday party circuit.

Buy now: $9.99 at Pourri; $9.99 at Amazon

A friendship bracelet kit with alphabet beads

Whether you’re a Swiftie or a crafting enthusiast, there’s no denying the allure of making (and sharing) a friendship bracelet. With this handy kit, complete with alphabet beads to spell out the names of loved ones, you can make a stack of friendship bracelets to give this holiday season.

Buy now: $9.99 at Amazon

Snack ring bowl for a Stanley cup

Snacks will always be within reach with this ring bowl, made to fit snugly on top of the Internet’s current (and indestructible) cup of choice, the Stanley cup. This handy bowl, made of easy-to-wash silicone, has four partitions for organizing a melange of munchies, ensuring that wherever your drink goes, you’ll always have something to graze on.

Buy now: $10.99 at Walmart; $9.99 at Amazon

Cactus coaster set

At first glance, this coaster set looks like desert foliage, making it as cute as it is practical. With its six interlocking green coasters forming a cactus and a flower pot as a holder, it’s a worthy addition to any table.

Buy now: $11.99 at Amazon

Mini portable white noise machine

For the inevitable moments you need “serenity now” or just want a good night’s sleep while on the road, there’s this portable mini white noise machine. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this rechargeable gadget serves 13 soothing sounds that range from classic white noise to ocean waves.

Buy now: $12.99 at Amazon

Metallic reusable tote

Being a responsible conservator of the earth’s resources doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. Case in point? This metallic tote from Baggu; with thick straps, a roomy interior that can hold up to 50 lbs., and an out-of-this-world green hue, the machine-washable bag is so good-looking and practical that you’ll want to take it everywhere from the grocery store to out on the town.

Buy now: $18 at Baggu

Karaoke microphone

You won’t need to head to a lounge to sing your heart out with this at-home wireless karaoke microphone. Equipped with Bluetooth, LED lights, a denoising head, a charging cable and a powerful speaker, this microphone ensures that you can have the sing-a-long of your dreams from the comfort of your home.

Buy now: $19.98 at Amazon

Le Creuset mini Cocotte pot

While a Le Creuset dutch oven can feel like a daunting kitchen investment, its much tinier sibling, the mini Cocotte pot, is an adorable and affordable addition to any home. Use the ultra-luxe yet durable little vessel to make eggs, dessert, or soup—it’s the perfect way to prepare a meal for one.

Buy now: $22.00 at Williams Sonoma; $32.00 at Amazon

Toast candle

Invoke the cheery vibes of the most important meal of the day with this tasty toast candle. Made of 100% soy wax, each hand-poured candle looks like two slices of perfectly golden, buttery toast, accented by its bakery-fresh scent.

Buy now: $24.00 at ban.do

Steaming dumpling desk humidifier

When the temperatures drop and the heaters turn on, we often find our skin parched, sinuses aggravated, and airways irritated. All those issues can be remedied with the gentle mist of a humidifier, which helps to add moisture to dry winter air. We’re partial to this adorable mini humidifier, which looks like a steaming dumpling and fits nicely on a desk or nightstand.

Buy now: $24.50 at Amazon

Kodak M35 35 mm camera

Go old school with this funky revival of the classic point and shoot film camera from Kodak. Made of durable plastic and available in a range of colors, the Kodak M35 uses 35 mm film and can help create tangible memories for years to come.

Buy now: $24.99 at Urban Outfitters; $20.00 at Amazon

Ichendorf Milano Animal Farm tumbler

Staying hydrated is a pleasure with these adorable tumblers. Each Borosilicate glass cup is festooned with a whimsical animal in the well (they range from hedgehogs to ducks), making each sip a little more fun.

Buy now: $25.00 at Coming Soon

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