When was Andrew Tate in prison and why was he released?

When was Andrew Tate in prison and why was he released?

ANDREW Tate was locked up in a Romanian prison alongside his brother.

Since then, the controversial influencer has spoken out about his treatment in prison and the allegations against him.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were released on house arrest on March 31, 2023Rex

When was Andrew Tate in prison?

Andrew Tate was arrested with his brother in December 2022.

The brothers were led away by Romanian police in handcuffs.

The former Big Brother star was reportedly being held in a cell for 23 hours a day, at a prison described as a “hellhole”.

The brothers and their two alleged accomplices – Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu – have now been released on house arrest.

The brothers added American lawyer, Tina Glandian to his legal team when he and his brother were still in custody.

She told The Mirror: “Pre-trial detention is the harshest form of punishment.

“Terrible things happen to people when they’re in custody; people are killed sometimes in custody, it’s dangerous and should be the method of last resort.

“The authorities can continue to extend the detention.

“Every 30 days they can make a new application up to a six-month period without filing charges.”

Why was Andrew Tate in prison?

Andrew and his brother Tristan were arrested as part of a probe into human trafficking, rape, and organised crime.

They are accused of recruiting women on social media platforms and getting them to travel to their villa on the outskirts of Bucharest.

The brothers are alleged to have pretended to fall in love with the women, before getting them to work for the business and making them perform sexual acts on webcams.

Romanian authorities have reported that they have identified six alleged victims in the case who were subjected to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion” as well as “sexual exploitation”.

When did Andrew Tate get arrested?

Tate’s Romanian home was raided by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DICCOT) in Bucharest on December 29, 2022.

Despite this, he has remained active on social media since being incarcerated, with regular posts on Twitter.

He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, saying that he is a victim of something called The Matrix.

Why was Andrew Tate released?

Tate was released from prison and placed on house arrest on March 31, 2023, after a successful appeal against his detention.

The brothers had been fighting their custody since their arrest and have had it extended several times.

Neither of them was able to appeal for bail either due to the severity of their crimes.

Judges of the case were said to be weary of granting bail due to the pair’s extensive resources.

On August 4, 2023, Tate was released from house arrest.

Tate has since spoken to Piers Morgan about his time in prison, describing it as a “Romanian dungeon’.

On November 20, 2023, he said: “I have been constrained this entire year.”

Tate went on: “I spent 93 days in a Romanian dungeon, five months locked in my house, and now I am restrained within the country of Romania, so it has certainly been a turbulent time”.

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