IDF arrests al-Shifa hospital boss for turning facility into terror command HQ with innocents acting as human shields

IDF arrests al-Shifa hospital boss for turning facility into terror command HQ with innocents acting as human shields

A BOSS at al-Shifa hospital has been arrested for allegedly allowing Hamas to turn it into a horrifying terror command HQ where innocent people were used as human shields.

Dr Muhammad Abu Salamiyah has been accused of vile acts by the IDF and is currently being questioned.

AFPDr Muhammad Abu Salamiyah was arrested and is being questioning for his role in the alleged Hamas terror command HQ at al-Shifa hospital[/caption]

ReutersIsraeli troops outside the hospital guarding one of the Hamas terror tunnels they had built beneath the facility[/caption]

AFPThe Palestinian hospital has been accused of hoarding weapons used by Hamas in the war[/caption]

Salamiyah is the director of a hospital in the Gaza Strip that was allegedly overrun with Hamas terrorists and used as a control centre in the bloody war with Israel.

Some have even described the building as the “beating heart” of Hamas operations.

The Israeli military called out Salamiyah for being the man in charge of the tragic complex and helping Hamas militants build up a huge network of military gear and a place to store deadly weapons.

A statement from the IDF they labelled the hospital as having “extensive Hamas terrorist activity,” going on inside and around the grounds.

Shifa Hospital is the biggest medical facility for Palestinian people but has been at the centre of horror accusations of war crimes by both Hamas and Israeli leaders.

Palestine recently accused Israel of targeting a medical facility where thousands of civilians were hiding from lethal air strikes that have already caused destruction and killed thousands.

While Israel says Hamas has broken international laws by using a hospital as a place to prepare for war and operate out of.

Israeli troops made their way inside the building earlier this month and found a tunnel and a mass supply of weapons being used by Hamas militants.

Forces say the discovery is smoking gun evidence of the allegation that Hamas has a sprawling command centre beneath al-Shifa hospital.

The IDF and the Israel Security Agency (ISA) have also claimed they have “proof” that hostages were taken to hospital following the initial October 7 massacre.

Hamas terrorists were seen forcibly transporting hostages, a Nepalese civilian and a Thai civilian, who were kidnapped from Israeli territory from the battlefield to the hospital.

IDF vehicles stolen during the murderous massacre can also be seen inside the Shifa Hospital area.

Any accusations of the hospital being a Hamas stomping ground have been strongly denied by both Hamas and doctors who work there.

The evidence presented by Israel was dismissed and ignored as fake by both parties.

The Palestinian health ministry said Salamiyah and several other doctors were caught and arrested at a checkpoint on the road linking northern Gaza to the south.

Israel has repeatedly told Palestinians from the north to quickly get out of the area for their own safety as military operations continue to ramp up in a reaction to the chilling October 7 massacre.

The army was still questioning him, army A spokesman for the army Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht told reporters on Thursday afternoon that the doctor was only being questioned at the moment and isn’t being treated as a member of Hamas.

Hecht said: “We took him to ask him a few questions about why under his hospital there was so much terrorist activity above ground and underground.”

Hamas have strongly argued against the arrest and say its time other organisations realise Israel is breaking international laws.

They issued a statement condemning the arrests of all the doctors that read: “We call on the Red Cross and international organisations to work for their immediate release.”

According to their accounts the doctors were simply working in the hospital to help with the evacuating patients and those badly wounded.

Palestinian Health Minister Mai Al-Kayla – a doctor herself – also disagreed with the arrests and said Israel was flouting international humanitarian law.

She appealed to the United Nations as well as groups like the Red Cross, asking them to put pressure on Israel to free the men.

This comes as on November 14, Israeli special forces launched a “precise and targeted” raid inside al Shifa – which the IDF called a “military necessity” to root out Hamas.

A witness told the BBC that they saw tanks and hundreds of commandos advance on the medical facility.

The IDF said the operation continued the following morning as they engaged in gun battles with Hamas militants and found weapons inside.

It said: “Before entering the hospital our forces were confronted by explosive devices and terrorist squads, fighting ensued in which terrorists were killed.”

Troops were given the green light to go into the hospital after US spooks obtained intelligence confirming it was a human shield for its command centre.

After blowing open the doors, troops secured the area and then went from room to room, floor to floor, in search of Hamas fighters, with men aged 16 to 40 ordered into a courtyard and interrogated.

Medical teams, patients and women remained inside.

In the hours that followed the raid, battery-operated incubators for 36 newborn babies fighting for their lives were delivered by Israeli troops to the hospital.

Food and medical supplies were also piled up at the entrance to ease an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

It is believed some of the 240 hostages snatched by Hamas gunmen are being held in the terror tunnels inside the hospital.

ReutersThe view outside the hospital that was used as a shelter for people during air raids[/caption]

Getty36 newborn babies were found inside the hospital by Israeli troops in life threatening conditions[/caption]

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