Brits flock to Wetherspoons dupe in TURKEY with cheap booze & fry ups…but it offers something the real UK pubs NEVER do

Brits flock to Wetherspoons dupe in TURKEY with cheap booze & fry ups…but it offers something the real UK pubs NEVER do

BRIT holidaymakers have been flocking in their masses to a Wetherspoons imitation – in Turkey.

Just like the budget pub chain dear to the hearts of Englishmen, the Turkish replica also serves a traditional English breakfast and cocktails on the cheap.

Jam PressThe Turkish Wetherspoons equivalent rivals the British chain in price and location[/caption]

tripadvisor/ CatrinaBrit holidaymakers have been swarming to get a taste of home[/caption]

The not-so-subtly called bar, Weatherspoon Fun Pub, is located along the luscious coastal stretch of Marmaris, Turkey – unlike the infamous chain’s 900 pubs which solely exist in the UK and Ireland.

Despite its already exotic location, rivalling any Wetherspoons in Brit coastal towns like Weymouth, the bosses of the Turkish Weatherspoon Fun Pub has added extra flare to entice Brits inside.

One-upping the big, British chain, this Turkish equivalent plays music.

They also hire impersonators in the evening, and have hosted a variety of Disney characters as well as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

The Fun Pub currently has a 4.8 Tripadvisor rating, and many Brits have been flooding the page with compliments.

Chris Seymour said: “Great fun is had by all that visit this place, friendly, great value for money and some pretty punchy cocktails, good luck leaving sober.”

Christine Lewis said: “Best food and atmosphere in the area.

“Made my holiday so much better.”

Fan Alan, from Edinburgh said: “If I could give this place six stars I would, this is the best place I have ever been to abroad.

“I can’t praise it highly enough.”

Holidaymaker Kerry Attwood praised the English breakfast.

She said: “What a great place, the owner and staff are very attentive, very approachable.

“Nothing was too much trouble.

“Food choice is very good and amazing and very scrumptious.

“Entertainment was also fun and added to the excitement of the place.

“We had such a lovely time.

“The best night out we had in ages.

“Shout out to Michelle, who works here too. We wanted to thank you for all your useful information.”

Another holidaymaker said: “Came here for lunch, the food was lovely and the service good.

“Better than Wetherspoons back home.

“Party place in the evening and quiet during the day.”

Recently, another Wetherspoons dupe has opened up for holidaying Brits in Spain.

The similarly cleverly named pub, Weatherspains, is in Benalmadena on the Costa Del Sol and mimics the UK chain in the price and taste department.

The pub has become a hotspot for tourists who enjoy the home comforts of the staple British pub chain and have been flocking over to the venue after a day in the sun.

Meanwhile, a Brit in the UK has made the pilgrimage to the most notorious Wetherspoons, and was left sorely disappointed.

Mere minutes after arriving at The Square Peg in Birmingham, the man said he witnessed a customer screaming “I’ll smash your f****** face in!” at a member of staff.

He told BirminghamLive: “I’d only been sat in The Square Peg for a couple of minutes before things started to kick off.

“The sight of a man getting dragged out by his collar, throwing aimless punches at a member of staff was still a shock at 1pm on a Wednesday afternoon.”

“This is, of course, the most notorious Wetherspoon.”

And people from Margate, Kent, have been blaming a rodent invasion on their local Wetherspoons.

Horrified resident Jamie Jones claimed he saw one of the pests jump out from the alley behind The Mechanical Elephant Wetherspoons.

Although no rats have been spotted inside the pub, the locals have said that the overflowing bins and rotting litter outside the pub are to blame for the current crisis.

tripadvisor/Andy DThe Turkish version has even gone a step further and brought in live entertainment[/caption]

tripadvisor/ CatrinaThe pub currently has a 4.8 star rating[/caption]

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