Hostages freed: 9 kids & 2 mums WILL be released by Hamas after 51-day kidnap hell – with families ‘on their way’

Hostages freed: 9 kids & 2 mums WILL be released by Hamas after 51-day kidnap hell – with families ‘on their way’

ELEVEN more Israeli hostages are set to be freed by Hamas tonight after spending an agonising 51 days in captivity.

Nine children and two mothers are “on their way” across the border with the help of the Red Cross as the truce has been reportedly extended by two extra days.

11 more hostages are set to be released soon

Today was supposed to be the final day of the truce but it is now expected to continue for 48 more hours with more hostages being released and reunited with their families soon.

In the exchange for the hostages, 33 Palestinians are sue to be given, according to Hamas.

Of the 33, reports suggest 20 are children and three are women.

On Sunday, Hamas freed 17 more hostages – 14 Israelis and three Thais – in a third exchange under the four-day truce.

In turn, Israel released 39 Palestinian prisoners.

Of the roughly 240 hostages captured by Hamas in its October 7 massacre in southern Israel that ignited the war, 62 have been released, one was freed by Israeli forces and two were found dead inside Gaza.

Israel has said it would extend the cease-fire by one day for every 10 additional hostages released.

Qatar, along with Egypt, has been the key mediator in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

“The State of Qatar announces, as part of the ongoing mediation, an agreement has been reached to extend the humanitarian truce for an additional two days in the Gaza Strip,” Dr Majed al Ansari said. 

A Hamas statement read: “The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas announces that it has been agreed with the brothers in Qatar and Egypt to extend the temporary humanitarian truce for an additional two days under the same conditions as the previous truce.”

The announcement comes on the final day of a four-day truce between the warring sides, as they were preparing for a fourth exchange of militant-held hostages for Palestinians imprisoned by Israel.

It comes after the terror group claimed it does not know where dozens of child hostages are being held in Gaza.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani who is leading talks told the Financial Times: “If they [Hamas] get additional women and children, there will be an extension.

“We don’t yet have any clear information how many they can find because … one of the purposes [of the pause in fighting] is they [Hamas] will have time to search for the rest of the missing people.”

The claim was eyed with suspicion amid fears Hamas chiefs will use the ceasefire to regroup for more bloodshed.

The terror group also claimed again it did not kidnap any civilians – even though its members filmed themselves snatching defenceless hostages and dragging them back to Gaza during the massacre.

About 240 hostages, including Israeli soldiers and sick and elderly civilians, are understood to have taken hostage by the terror group and held in underground tunnels.

Last week Qatar brokered a deal to free 50 Israeli women and children in exchange for 150 Palestinians in Israeli prisons over the course of the four-day ceasefire.

Meanwhile, a four-year-old American hostage was reunited with her family seven weeks after her parents were killed during the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7.

The emotional reunion showed the moment Abigail Edan was embraced by her aunt and grandmother at the Hatzerim Air Force Base in Israel after two months in captivity by Hamas.

Emily Hand was also finally reunited with her big sister and two dogs in a heartwarming moment after she was held hostage for 50 days.

The Irish-Israeli, who was snatched from bed by Hamas on a sleepover on October 7, and was seen embraced by half-sister Natali and surrounded by her pups who couldn’t contain their excitement.

On Saturday, the young girl joined 20 other hostages who were set free by Hamas during a four-day truce in the war with Israel.

Her release came after a tense delay of several hours when Hamas accused Israel of failing to meet the terms of the agreement.

Emily was reunited with her dad in an Israeli hospital on Saturday following her release.

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