Sixth batch of Gaza hostages ‘handed over by Hamas terrorists’ just HOURS before truce expires

Sixth batch of Gaza hostages ‘handed over by Hamas terrorists’ just HOURS before truce expires

HAMAS have reportedly handed over 14 more hostages to the Red Cross 53 days after they were first taken captive.

This is the sixth and final batch of captives to be released from Gaza as the truce deal expires in hours if the two sides can’t agree on a further extension.

AFPThe final group of hostages have been freed taking the total to 71 across the six day truce[/caption]

AFPTwo more Russian hostages were released earlier and seen travelling past Israel flags[/caption]

AFPChildren stand alongside Israeli fighters waiting to see the latest group of hostages finally be freed[/caption]

According to Israel’s army radio 10 more Israeli hostages are now safely out and on their way to the Rafah crossing to meet up with their families.

Four Thai hostages have also been handed over, according to reports by the Red Cross.

The IDF announced earlier that they had already received two hostages from Hamas.

Both are reported by Sky News as being Russian-Israelis and were released separately to the 10 other hostages let go. 

A senior Hamas spokesperson said earlier: “The delay in the release of prisoners in the sixth batch was caused by logistical obstacles.” 

This takes the total number of hostages freed to 71.

Amongst those released so far include a young girl with her pet dog, an elderly woman in a wheelchair and kids bandaged up.

More Palestinian prisoners are thought to be getting returned to Hamas in the trade off for the innocent hostages later on.

So far only women and children have been released from Hamas hell as many helpless fathers were tragically left behind by their kids and partners as they were taken to safety.

It is expected that IDF troops will transport the hostages into the loving hands of the Red Cross where they will take them across the Rafah crossing and to a nearby hospital to get routine health checks.

Reports are saying that four extra days could be added to the vital truce deal that has been in place for the past six days.

Hamas hopes that the Gaza ceasefire could be extended as the all-out war with Israel threatens to be resumed within hours.

Hamas leader Mahmoud al Mardawi said: “Negotiations in Doha regarding extending the humanitarian truce are continuing.

“We are open to all truce proposals according to what we have specified, and the occupation is the one that imposes the obstacles.”

Prolonging the temporary truce could see 40 more Israeli hostages – nine of which are still kids – released and allow more aid to reach the battered Strip before Israel begins its final showdown with the terror group in the south.

Although Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his feelings on a potential extended truce clear.

He posted on X this evening: “In the last few days I hear a question – will Israel return to fighting after this phase of returning our abductees is exhausted?

“So my answer is unequivocal – yes. There is no way we are not going back to fighting until the end.

“This is my policy, the entire cabinet stands behind it, the entire government stands behind it, the soldiers stand behind it, the people stand behind it – and that is exactly what we will do.”

Qatar, along with Egypt, has been the key mediator in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas and any new truce will most likely go through them.

Earlier today it was announced that Israel is investigating Hamas’ claim that baby hostage Kfir Bibas has been killed along with his mum and brother in Gaza.

The terror group’s military wing – the Al-Qassam Brigades – claimed the 10-month-old baby, his brother Ariel, 4, and mum Shiri, 32, died during fighting against Israel.

Hamas chiefs claimed that they were killed in Israeli shelling – but this has not been verified.

Israel is scrambling to verify Hamas’ shocking revelation after the terrorists have repeatedly failed to offer information on the trio.

It comes after the terror group claimed it does not know where dozens of child hostages are being held in Gaza.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani who is leading talks told the Financial Times: “If they (Hamas) get additional women and children, there will be an extension.

“We don’t yet have any clear information how many they can find because … one of the purposes (of the pause in fighting) is they (Hamas) will have time to search for the rest of the missing people.”

Hamas also claimed they hadn’t abducted any civilians – despite their own members recording the act of seizing vulnerable hostages and forcibly returning them to Gaza during the massacre.

About 240 hostages, including Israeli soldiers and sick and elderly civilians, are understood to have been taken hostage by the terror group and held in their web of underground tunnels.

Palestinian civilians have been left fleeing for their lives as Israel attempts to destroy Hamas after the terror group massacred 1,200 civilians on October 7.

Families living in Gaza have been caught in the brutal crossfire, with regular accusations that the terrorists are attempting to use them as “human shields”.

Much of the northern part of the strip has been turned into a devastated warzone – with ruined buildings, dwindling supplies and horrific suffering for Gaza’s people.

The Red Cross estimates that some 1.5million civilians have been forced to flee south amid the Israeli onslaught from land, air and sea.

Figures for the death toll remain unverified – but Hamas’ health officials claim more than 11,000 civilians, including more than 4,500 children have been killed.

Israel disputes these figures – and US President Joe Biden said he had “no confidence” in them.

But Benjamin Netanyahu admitted Israel has “not been successful” in reducing civilian casualties.

He said the deaths must be blamed on Hamas – not Israel.

Getty17-year-old Mia Leimberg was seen leaving with her pet dog as she was released by Hamas on Tuesday[/caption]

IDF troops have been seen helping injured children return to their families after spending over 50 days as hostagesGetty

Two 3-year-old twins Emma and Yuli Konio were seen being cuddled by family members after being released with their mother SharonGetty

Ian WhittakerA 10-month-old baby Kfir Bibas was reportedly killed alongside mum Shiri and brother Ariel, 4 as they were being held hostage by Hamas[/caption]

The free hostages have been met by crowds of people welcoming them backGetty

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