Sticky Vicky’s cause of death revealed as daughter of Benidorm legend opens up about mum’s final moments

Sticky Vicky’s cause of death revealed as daughter of Benidorm legend opens up about mum’s final moments

BENIDORM legend Sticky Vicky’s daughter has revealed the 80-year-old died of heart failure in hospital.

Maria Gadea Aragues told The Sun her mum passed away at 6am this morning, on her 42nd birthday – a day she’ll “remember for the rest of my life”.

SolarpixSticky Vicky’s daughter was by her mum’s side when she died today[/caption]

The internet is awash with tributes for the much-loved star of BenidormRex

She was with Vicky during her final moments at Villajoyosa Hospital, near the famous Costa Blanca resort where she made her name, and she will be cremated tomorrow.

Maria said: “I have just come from the funeral parlour where I’ve had to identify my mum so they can proceed with the cremation which is going to happen at midday tomorrow.

“My mum was in hospital for the last 12 days of her life and as a family we’ve been with her and have been able to say goodbye to her.

“I was by her bedside when she died this morning. She passed away as they were changing her morphine bottle.

“It’s my 42nd birthday today but it’s not going to be a day of celebration obviously. It will be a day I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Maria broke the news of her mum’s death on social media earlier today, saying: “I regret these words, my mother Sticky Vicky passed away.”

In a touching tribute she wrote: “She has gone, surrounded by her family, with all of our love.

“I thank God for being able to always be by her side, I am left with a broken heart.”

Sticky Vicky, whose real name is Victoria María Aragüés Gadea, spent decades performing as an illusionist and dancer born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

Maria has previously spoken at length about her mum’s cancer diagnosis in 2016 and other health problems which ended her 35-year career entertaining British tourists in Benidorm.

Her daughter has adopted her mother’s famous brand as she continues to perform nightly in Brit hotspot hometown.

Heartbroken fans from across the world have been sharing their love for “the absolute legend” and “true entertainer”.

One wrote: “God bless you and your family, your mum put Benidorm on the map, when you said Benidorm every one said Sticky Vicky what a beautiful woman a true entertainer RIP.”

Another said: “Sending u all love….. see your mum on my 21st birthday, proper legend in her own lifetime.”

And one wrote: “Benidorm will be now dark at night…. after losing its biggest star.. absolute legend… Bless you.”

The entertainer first trained as a ballet dancer for 15 years before creating a nude magic show that premiered in Barcelona.

The mother-of-two moved to Benidorm in the 1980s, where she forged a reputation for her wild, X-rated performances.

Her shows involved her pulling a variety of items from her private parts, including ping pong balls and razor blades.

Brits began flocking to see her in action and she quickly cemented herself as forever a part of the Benidorm’s history.

She performed at the Costa Blanca resort which was nicknamed Little England because of the amount of British tourists who visited.

In her heyday, she performed six shows a night, six times a week.

After a 30 year performance career, she finally hung up her dancing boots in 2016.

Asked what she would change about her life if she could before her retirement, she told an interviewer: “Nothing. I have a fantastic life, with wonderful family and friends.

“What more could anyone want?”

Her final show took place only days before she underwent a hip operation.

She was diagnosed with uterine cancer the following year.

In April, the much-adored star celebrated her 80th birthday as messages of love were posted all over the internet.

In July, she was hospitalised after smashing her knees getting into a car the month before.

She spent five days in hospital and was discharged, but quickly returned after suffering pain and a possible infection.

Vicky has left behind her son, Eduardo, as well as her daughter Maria.

Sticky Vicky died of heart failureRex

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