Moment Russian TV is HACKED as Zelensky vows to drive Putin out of Crimea – while text says: ‘Vlad’s a d**khead’

Moment Russian TV is HACKED as Zelensky vows to drive Putin out of Crimea – while text says: ‘Vlad’s a d**khead’

VOLODYMYR Zelensky was broadcast all over TV screens in annexed Crimea last night as he vowed to take back Putin’s naval stronghold.

Ukrainian hackers humiliated the occupying forces by masterfully replacing Russian channels with a specific message from Kyiv: “Crimea is ours” and “Putin is a d**k head”.

East2WestThe face of the Ukrainian president was blasted across TV screens in occupied Crimea[/caption]

East2WestVolodymyr Zelensky told his citizens that Crimea will be returned to Ukraine[/caption]

APIt was an embarrassing blow to Putin who considers the Black Sea peninsula his naval stronghold[/caption]

Russian officials scrambled to end Zelensky’s broadcast, but he had plenty of time to speak to Ukrainians trapped in the peninsula which Russia illegally annexed in 2014.

He told viewers: “I would like to separately say to all our people in Crimea, in Sevastopol, in all the occupied regions of the south and east of our state, currently occupied regions – 

“Dear Ukrainians, you all feel that the Russian presence on our land will not last forever.

“I know this. 

“Ukraine will return its territory, our people.

“We will not leave anyone to the occupiers.”

During the hack, messages below the screen read: “Putin is a d**k head.”

Zelensky was then replaced by the head of Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR), Lt-Gen Kyrylo Budanov who vowed to drive Russia out of the Black Sea peninsula.

The spy chief declared: “Crimea will be returned.

“Crimea is ours.

“There should be no Russia.

“It’s ours and no one else’s.”

Earlier this week, spymaster Budanov’s wife Marianna, along with top intelligence chiefs, were poisoned in a suspected Russian assassination attempt.

Their food was reportedly spiked with arsenic and mercury in a hit job seemingly ordered by twisted Putin.

All the victims are said to be recovering.

Budanov and his senior officers are also closely involved with the war and are responsible for a spat of key attacks on Russian infrastructure – such as targeting Putin’s favourite bridge in Crimea – as well as assassinations of key war officials and propagandists.

Russian officials were forced to acknowledge the major hack of digital TV services.

Oleg Kryuchkov, an official in the Putin-appointed regime, said: “Several Crimean Internet providers have been hacked by the enemy.

“Technical services are working on this. All problems will be resolved in the near future.”

He blamed the Ukrainian Centre for Information and Psychological Special Operations for the successful digital attack.

A separate hack hit the Putin-appointed administration of Donetsk, another annexed region.

A tongue-in-cheek broadcast told residents that the 16-year-old son of Ramzan Kadyrov (head of the Chechen Republic) had been made an honorary citizen of Donetsk.

He had “made a significant personal contribution to the development of cultural relations between the cities of Donetsk and Grozny,” said the fictitious announcement.

It comes as Putin’s killer spy dolphins could have escaped from the tyrant’s grasp after a devastating storm in the Black Sea battered Crimea.

Russia‘s defences were badly damaged and the mega £3billion Crimean bridge has become vulnerable to fresh Ukrainian attacks.

As the storm tore across the peninsula, new satellite images have revealed the dolphin pens in Sevastopol harbour have vanished along with the specially-trained creatures.

Meanwhile, the Russian ruler revealed his dream of a Handmaid’s Tale-style dystopia as he demands women serve Russia by having “eight or more” kids.

“Large families must become the norm,” the desperate despot ordered after sending hundreds of thousands of young men fleeing or to their deaths on Ukraine’s frozen battlefields.

In the bizarre TV address, he said: “Thank God many of our people have a tradition of a strong multi-generational family, raising four, five and more children.

 “Let us remember how in Russian families many of our grandmothers and great grandmothers had seven, eight, or even more children.

“Let’s preserve and revive these wonderful traditions. 

“Having many children, a large family, should become a norm, a way of life for all the peoples of Russia.

“A family is not just the foundation for state and society, it is a spiritual phenomenon, the source of morality.”

His baby-making campaign seems to be a reaction to a startling slump in the population in the wake of his brutal war in Ukraine, the draft and a stagnating economy.

The leader is now scrambling to reverse a plummeting birth rate and mass exodus – even plotting to trade prison sentences for pregnancies.

East2WestZelensky’s face appeared on TV screens across the illegally annexed peninsula[/caption]

East2WestUkraine’s spymaster, Lt-Gen Kyrylo Budanov, declared: ‘Crimea is ours’[/caption]

East2WestHis wife, Marianna, was poisoned in a suspected Russian hit job earlier this week with senior intelligence officials[/caption]

Ukraine has targeted Crimea with renewed ferocity in recent months, including the £3billion Crimean Bridge that was blasted several times

Putin’s spy dolphins that protect the bridge have allegedly escaped

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