Hamas hostage Mia Schem, 21, operated on by a VET in Gaza, family say as they’re reunited after her last-minute release

Hamas hostage Mia Schem, 21, operated on by a VET in Gaza, family say as they’re reunited after her last-minute release

HAMAS hostage Mia Schem was operated on by a vet while being held in Gaza, her family has claimed.

The shocking claim comes as the 21-year-old was finally reunited with her family after spending 55 days in captivity.

ReutersThe 21-year-old underwent medical checks following her release on Thursday[/caption]

ReutersMia Schem was reunited with her family after 55 days in captivity[/caption]

Hamas released a twisted video showing Mia with her arm in a sling pleading to be released

ReutersMia was pictured with her mum and brother for the first time after she was kidnapped[/caption]

The Israeli-French tattoo artist was snatched by the terror group  from the Supernova music festival on October 7.

Sick footage released by Hamas ten days after the massacre showed her pleading to be released as she received medical care for her wounded arm.

In the one-minute-long video posted to Telegram, Mia said: “Hi, I’m Mia Schem, 21 years old from Shoham. Currently, I’m in Gaza.

“I was seriously injured in my hand. I underwent surgery on my arm at the hospital for 3 hours.

“They are taking care of me, giving me medicine, everything is fine.”

Mia was among the last eight hostages who were released on Thursday before the seven-day ceasefire deal expired.

Heart-warming photos show the relieved 21-year-old hugging her brother for the first time since she was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7.

She was also pictured alongside her family at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, as she is undergoing medical checks following her nightmare.

But Mia’s aunt Vivian Hadar told Israeli media her niece underwent an operation while in captivity by a vet.

She said: “Finally she is with us. She was traumatised.

“She is thin, she is weak. A vet operated on her arm. She did not receive physiotherapy.

“She told them that she was not a soldier and that she has French citizenship.”

Distressing footage terrified Mia being handed over to Red Cross workers yesterday alongside Amit Soussana, 40.

The two pale-faced women were seen getting out of a vehicle surrounded by a crowd and quickly being placed into a Red Cross car.

Another six hostages were released later in the evening and were taken towards the Hatzerim Base for medical checks.

Among those six are Mexican-Israeli Ilana Gritzewsky, 30, who had to tragically leave her partner behind in the hands of Hamas thugs.

Bilal Al Zaiadna, 18, was released hand in hand with his younger sister Ayesha Al Zaiadna, 17, making them the only children to be returned home on the seventh day of the agreement.

Fears were sparked about the fate of other captives last night after the terror group offered to release three bodies of hostages as fighting resumed following the end of the truce.

The claim fuelled fears the three bodies could belong to baby Kfir his 4-year-old brother, Ariel, and mum Shiri.

Hamas previously said that the three members of the Bibas family were killed in Israeli air strikes but Israel said it is investigating the claims.

Meanwhile fighting resumed in Gaza just moments after the seven-day ceasefire expired.

Israeli fighter jets blitzed Hamas targets in Gaza today after the IDF claimed Hamas “violated” the truce and launched a rocket attack on Israel in the early hours of Friday.

Israel is prepared to launch a fresh attack in the south as warplanes dropped leaflets urging residents to evacuate.

The leaflets dropped all over al Qarara, Khirbet al Khuza’a, Abasan and Bani Suhaila in the Khan Younis area, read: “You are under orders to evacuate immediately and to go to the shelters in the Rafah area.

“The city of Khan Younis is a dangerous combat zone. We have warned you.

Israel Defence Forces.”

ReutersMia was one of the eight hostages released by Hamas on Thursday[/caption]

InstagramThe tattoo artist was snatched by the Supernova festival on October 7[/caption]

https://twitter.com/visavistv/status/1730248965210149059Mia looked terrified as she was handed over to the Red Cross[/caption]

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