OAP farmer and ‘murdered’ kindergarten teacher snatched by Hamas from kibbutz are confirmed dead in Gaza as truce ends

OAP farmer and ‘murdered’ kindergarten teacher snatched by Hamas from kibbutz are confirmed dead in Gaza as truce ends

THE KIBBUTZ of an OAP farmer and a kindergarten teacher captured by Hamas have revealed that both were murdered in captivity.

Hamas claimed that the elderly farmer, Arye Zalmanovich, 85, died of a heart attack after the area he was being held in was bombed by the IDF.

Arye Zalmanovich, 85, who has died in captivity after being taken by Hamas

TwitterMaya Goren 56, a kindergarten teacher who has also been killed by Hamas[/caption]

But Kibbutz Nir Oz, where Arye was snatched from, has announced that Arye’s death was in fact a murder.

Arye’s son, Boaz, has also come forward to say that his father died due to the physical and mental torture he endured in captivity.

Boaz said: “My father is not a man of words. He is a man of trained hands and work clothes, and he sees the Kibbutz as his life’s mission.”

In his final message to his dad, Boaz wrote: “The heart is torn to pieces, we will miss you.”

This comes after Hamas released footage of Arye lying on a hospital bed, wired to a monitoring machine and looking sickly.

Arye manages to mutter: “I’m feeling not good.”

Another clip broadcast immediately after shows his lifeless corpse, only partially covered by a white sheet.

Kibbutz Nir Oz has also just revealed that a kindergarten teacher, Maya Goren, has been brutally murdered.

Maya had been setting up the Kibbutz kindergarten space early on October 7, when Hamas attacked her community.

It is currently unclear from the Kibbutz’s announcement whether Maya died on October 7 or was killed in captivity.

IDF troops have been unsuccessful at retrieving her body. It remains in Gaza.

Arye and Maya were among the 240 people that had been abducted from Israel during the terror attacks on October 7.

Many more of those abducted have since been killed, or are presumed dead.

Israeli troops discovered the body of Corporal Noa Marciano, 19, near al-Shifa hospital more than a month after she was kidnapped.

Heartbreaking pictures show her mum Adi sobbing over her beloved daughter’s coffin as she was laid to rest in Modiin, Israel.

A huge crowd filled the streets as Noa’s coffin, with the Israel flag draped over it, was carried by soldiers.

Among the captives presumed dead is also Baby Kfir, 10 months, and his brother Ariel, 4.

Hours before Hamas released its sixth group of hostages under the ceasefire deal with Israel, they claimed that Kfir and Ariel were all killed in Israeli shelling.

The Bibas family have now released a statement saying: “Our family has learned of Hamas’ latest claims.

“We are waiting for the information to be confirmed and hopefully refuted by military officials.”

This morning the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, twice extended, has come to an end.

Just hours after the truce expired, Gaza health officials have reported that 54 people have already been killed.

Dozens more have been wounded in air strikes that have hit at least eight homes.

Israel has vowed to annihilate Hamas in response to their terror attacks in October.

The IDF’s bombardment and ground invasion has reduced much of the region to rubble.

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