Incredible plan for world’s first ‘GIGAYACHT’ that’s twice the size of Jeff Bezos’ boat & longer than 24 double-deckers

Incredible plan for world’s first ‘GIGAYACHT’ that’s twice the size of Jeff Bezos’ boat & longer than 24 double-deckers

THE WORLD’S first gigayacht promises to be bigger and more extravagant than any that has come before it, stretching twice the length of a football field and 24 times that of a double-decker bus.

If completed, the luxury 751-foot-long superyacht Valkyrie will be known not only for its size but also for its sleek and futuristic appearance reminiscent of something from a science fiction film.

Solent NewsIf built, Valkyrie will be the biggest private vessel ever constructed[/caption]

CHULHUN PARK Sponsored by Palmer Johnson YachtsThe 751-foot-long superyacht concept features a helicopter pad[/caption]

Solent NewsValkyrie would stretch the length of more than two football fields and have its own casino and art galleries[/caption]

The striking gigayacht concept, created by designer Chulhun Park and sponsored by Palmer Johnson Yachts, puts all existing ships to shame – including Jeff Bezos‘ superyacht, which is only half the size.

Bezos, CEO of Amazon and a multibillionaire, acquired his own 417ft yacht named “Koru” for £395 million.

While much smaller than Valkyrie, Koru is still so big it was last month forced to dock in a seaport as it couldn’t fit in a private dock.

Chulhun Park claims to have taken inspiration from deconstructivism, an architectural movement that favours warped shapes over what is conventional, in creating the design for Valkyrie.

He said: “Having seen too many conventional white yachts, which were vertically stacked like wedding cakes, I was determined to design a visually unique yacht which would stand out from a fleet.

“I was interested in manipulating a structure’s surface to create non-rectilinear shapes, which appear to distort and dislocate elements of shape.”

If built, the yacht will not only be accessible to the world’s richest but also to the public and could house 52 guests in 26 cabins.

Park told CNN: “Most people consider superyachts to be exclusive properties of billionaires to display their wealth.

“However, such a hub would essentially be floating architecture utilised by the public.

“She allows the public to enjoy a floating space and the owner can make profit from it.”

The striking and innovative concept aims to bring a floating entertainment hub that the world has never seen before.

It features a helicopter landing pad, a casino, a club, a sky lounge, a beach club, restaurants, shops and theatres – much like a cruise ship but with the ability to travel at high speeds.

Valkyrie’s unique below-the-waterline construction would work to minimise drag, boosting speed and increasing fuel efficiency by up to 50 per cent. It would also allow for 30 per cent more space.

The extraordinary boat comes with a jaw-dropping price tag, estimated at £633 million.

Since it’s still in the planning phase, the cost for the journey on the luxurious boat remains unknown – but judging from the grandiosity of the ride, it is sure to be hefty.

If the plan does come to fruition, Valkyrie will beat the current superyacht size record held by Azzam, a 591-feet-long boat owned by the president of the United Arab Emirates.

Park said there is “genuine interest” in the project and claimed the gigayacht could welcome passengers one day soon.

Solent NewsValkyrie, if created, will have three bow-facing decks for lounging[/caption]

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