Moment Israel blows up Hamas ‘Hall of Justice’ where terrorists would sentence critics to HANG in front of baying crowds

Moment Israel blows up Hamas ‘Hall of Justice’ where terrorists would sentence critics to HANG in front of baying crowds

THIS is the dramatic moment Israel blew up Hamas’ infamous “Hall of Justice”, where those who went against the terrorists were sentenced to death.

Seven people were sentenced to death by hanging in a single day for “collaborating” with Israel, according to the Gaza Strip’s Hamas-run interior ministry.

GettyThe Palace of Justice complex during its opening ceremony in Al-Zahra town, Gaza in September 2018[/caption]

An explosions seems to have begun on the ground floor of the ‘Justice Palace’

The infamous courthouse was destroyed in a matter of seconds

Footage being circulated by Israeli media shows the Israel Defence Forces demolish Hamas’ main courthouse – which was captured by troops last month – in a matter of seconds.

An explosion which seemed to have begun on the ground level of the “Justice Palace” caused instant damage as the building crumbled and smoke and rubble billowed in all directions.

The military court regularly issued death sentences to people found guilty of “collaboration” with Israel, including seven in August who allegedly informed on terror groups in Gaza.

Justice Palace said the guilty seven offered names, phone numbers, addresses, and weapons caches to Israel in exchange for money, Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

One of the defendants was allegedly given a permit to work in Israel in return for the information he provided.

Hamas has practised capital punishment in the Strip since the group assumed power in 2007 and continuously carried out executions without permission from the Palestinian Authority – despite it being a requirement, under Palestinian law, to get approval for executions.

Twenty-three Palestinians were executed in the Strip by Hamas during its 2014 conflict with Israel, according to Amnesty International, 16 of whom were imprisoned from before the fighting.

The terror group is reported to have issued nine death sentences in 2015 and sentenced another four Gazans to death during the first weeks of 2016 on suspicion of spying.

A man was reportedly executed in February 2016 under allegations of gay sex and theft, before another three men were killed in May 2016.

Hamas later announced 13 more prisoners were to be killed, then hanged three Palestinians in April 2017 over alleged collaboration with Israel.

The group announced another five men were executed in September last year, including two accused of supplying information to Israel.

Gaza’s Hamas-run interior ministry said three of the Palestinians executed had been convicted of murder.

The two “spies” were aged 44 and 54.

The ministry statement said at the time: “The execution was carried out after the conclusion of all legal procedures. The rulings had been final, with implementation mandatory, after all of the convicted were accorded full rights to defend themselves.”

At least 17 death sentences were issued last year in the Gaza Strip, reports Israeli media.

Israel vowed to destroy Hamas after the terror group slaughtered 1,200 men, women, and children and dragged some 240 hostages to Gaza on October 7 in a series of surprise attacks.

Hamas released 105 women and children before a seven-day ceasefire deal collapsed on Friday.

About 160, including two children, are still being held in the enclave.

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