Chilling moment Hamas kidnappers drag Israeli woman into Gaza but she puts up such a brave fight it takes SEVEN of them

Chilling moment Hamas kidnappers drag Israeli woman into Gaza but she puts up such a brave fight it takes SEVEN of them

CHILLING footage shows the moment a brave Israeli woman fights off a group of seven Hamas terrorists as they drag her into Gaza.

The horror clip shows fearless Amit Soussana, 40, who was released by the terror group last week, fiercely fighting her kidnappers as they shove her to the ground.

The video shows Hamas fighters violently dragging Amit into Gaza

The clip shows the 40-year-old putting up a fight against her kidnappers

Amit can be seen kicking and screaming as she tries to free herself from her seven captors

Amit was finally freed on November 30 in the last group of hostages released as part of the truceAP

In the video, filmed on October 7, Amit can be seen kicking and screaming as her abductors attempt to restrain her.

After failing to do so, one of them picks her up and carries her over his shoulder.

Amit manages to momentarily free herself but then other terrorists join and appear to hit her as they drag her towards the Gaza Strip.

After several attempts to restrain her, Hamas fighters finally forced her into a car, according to Channel 12.

Amit has agreed for the footage to be shared, following her release last week.

The 40-year-old lawyer was hiding in her closet at home in Kibbutz Kfar Aza when she was snatched by the terrorists during the October 7 atrocities.

She was finally freed alongside Mia Schem after spending 55 days in captivity.

Distressing footage from last week showed the two pale-faced women getting into a Red Cross car as they were released in the last batch of hostages freed as part of the ceasefire deal.

Israeli-French Mia 21, was one of over 190 people kidnapped by Hamas from the Supernova music festival on October 7.

She was seen pleading to be released in a video released by the terror group ten days after the atrocity.

The 21-year-old was shown receiving medical care for her wounded arm before telling the camera she was being held in Gaza and pleading for her release.

In the one-minute-long video posted to Telegram, Mia said: ”They are taking care of me, giving me medicine, everything is fine.

“I only ask that they bring me home as soon as possible to my parents, to my siblings.

“Get me out of here as soon as possible. Please.”

Mia also mentioned that she had just undergone a three-hour-long surgery in Gaza.

Another six hostages were released last Thursday including Mexican-Israeli Ilana Gritzewsky, 30, Bilal Al Zaiadna, 18 and Ayesha Al Zaiadna, 17.

Over 100 hostages were released by Hamas during the week-long truce in exchange for 240 Palestinian prisoners.

Israel says 137 people remain in Hamas captivity.

A terrified mum recently revealed her horrific ordeal at the hands of Hamas terrorists saying it was like a horror movie.

Danielle Aloni, 45, told how she was forced to praise the “extraordinary humanity” of Hamas in an open letter she wrote under duress. looked terrified as she was handed over to Red Cross workers last week[/caption]

She was freed with 21-year-old Mia Schem who was abducted at the Supernova festival

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