Bombshell pic shows Hamas terror top brass having last supper in tunnel days before nearly HALF are wiped out by Israel

Bombshell pic shows Hamas terror top brass having last supper in tunnel days before nearly HALF are wiped out by Israel

A BOMBSHELL picture shows Hamas commanders grinning and enjoying a last supper inside a terror tunnel just days before they were taken out by Israel.

The image shows senior leaders and operatives of the Northern Gaza Strip Brigade – the second-largest military faction of Hamas – hiding near the Indonesian Hospital.

Hamas leaders are seen enjoying a ‘nice meal’ just inside a terror tunnel just days before half of them got killed

TwitterIsrael killed five top commanders including Ahmed Al Ghandour in airstrikes[/caption]

The picture reportedly dates back to the early days of fighting after the October 7 massacre.

Cruel Hamas leaders can be seen enjoying fresh food and drinks as they hide beneath Gaza’s civilian population.

And this is while many Palestinians have been left starving as they are forced to rely on emergency aid.

Since then, five of the terror chiefs have been killed by the IDF during Israel’s intense ground offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

They even took out the brigade’s top commander Ahmed Al Ghandour who was in charge of the faction for 18 years.

Names of the leaders from the Gaza Brigade who have been wiped out by Israel:

Ahmed Al-Ghandoor – Northern Brigade Commander

Wael Rajab – Deputy Northern Brigade Commander

Ibrahim Al-Biari – Central Jabaliya Battalion Commander

Rafat Salman – Aid Battalion Commander

Asam Abu Rakba – Head of Aerial Division

He was in command of managing terrorist operations in the northern Gaza Strip.

It comes just days after Israel also killed Wissam Farhat – one of the Hamas chiefs who orchestrated the October 7 massacre – in a deadly airstrike.

Farhate belonged to the Shuja’iya Brigade of the terrorist organisation – and had directed the terrorists to kill and kidnap Israeli civilians from the Nahal Oz Kibbutz.

At least 12 civilians were killed and more than 20 went missing in the horror attack after Farhat ordered mass shooting in the kibbutz.

And meanwhile, Israeli troops have devised plans to flood the Hamas’ tunnel network with seawater to drive out or drown terrorists.

So far, the IDF has installed at least five large pumps in Gaza that could fill the 300-mile underground labyrinth in a matter of weeks.

The pumps are capable of flooding the vast underground maze within weeks by pouring in thousands of cubic metres of water per hour from the Mediterranean Sea, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Hamas has previously said it has hidden captives in “safe places and tunnels”.

The terror group claims the sprawling underground labyrinth stretches some 500km – bigger than the London Underground which is 402km long.

Hidden up to 100ft below the surface, the entrances are enclosed under the floors of homes, mosques and schools – allowing fighters to move unseen between homes and alleyways within Gaza.

It is used by the warped group to transport people and goods as well as store rocks and ammunition.

However, it is still not clear if the IDF would consider using the pumps before all the hostages are released.

Israel has been ferociously pounding Gaza after the “fragile truce” ended last week as they continue to hunt down and kill Hamas terrorists.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the IDF said it has fired 100,000 shells – around 710 shells for every square mile – in Gaza over the course of its offensive against Hamas.

The IDF says 100,000 shells have been fired since the start of the war

Israeli tanks rolling near the border with Gaza as the ground offensive widens

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