How ‘sick’ Putin travels with team of docs & nuke button always in reach as he visits Saudi after ban from 123 countries

How ‘sick’ Putin travels with team of docs & nuke button always in reach as he visits Saudi after ban from 123 countries

AFTER many months of rampant speculation about the health of Vladimir Putin, he will today visit both Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The ageing Russian president will likely be accompanied by a huge team of doctors who reportedly chaperone him on all of his trips.

Putin will today visit Saudi Arabia and the UAE after being banned from 123 countriesEPA

East2WestThe Russian president kept a huge distance between himself and Britain’s ambassador to Moscow, Nigel Casey, on Monday – sparking fresh rumours of ill health[/caption]

Vlad will also likely be travelling with the so-called nuclear briefcase that never leaves his side, which can be used to order a nuclear strike at a moment’s notice.

Rare footage from when he met with Chinese president Xi Jinping in Beijing in October showed Putin surrounded by security with two Russian naval officers in uniform each carrying a briefcase.

Russian state news agency RIA said of the video: “There are certain suitcases without which no trip of Putin’s is complete.”

Putin’s travel plans must be carefully considered in the current political climate as visiting any of the 123 countries that are members of the International Criminal Court could see him arrested on a warrant for alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

The Kremlin has rejected allegations that its troops have committed war crimes – such as wilful killing, torture, rape, using starvation as a weapon, shooting combatants who have surrendered, and deliberately attacking civilian targets – in Ukraine.

Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the UAE today marks the first time he has travelled to the region since Russia’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov revealed yesterday “the parties will discuss bilateral relations and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict“.

Neither Saudi Arabia nor the UAE have ratified the statute that governs the International Criminal Court.

Intelligence analysts and experts have recently noticed changes in Putin’s appearance, speech, and posture during his public appearances which they say indicate his health is in serious decline.

On Monday, Putin refused to stand within 70ft of Britain’s new ambassador to Moscow for “sanitary reasons” at a diplomatic ceremony.

In a scene reminiscent of the Covid pandemic, the Russian president was pictured standing metres away from other officials and delivered a speech from across a grand hall.

He told the envoys: “Unfortunately, for sanitary reasons, we cannot talk more, socialise. 

“I hope that better times will come, not only in politics but also in healthcare, and we will be able to do so.”

Bombshell documents leaked to The Sun suggest he has both pancreatic cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Behavioural psychology expert Justin Gasparovic told The Sun he has displayed symptoms commonly experienced by people who suffer strokes, migraines, multiple sclerosis, and brain tumours.

Some believe Putin is already dead and a body double is being used to carry on the ruse of stability in Russia.

Recent Japanese AI research – based on facial recognition, voice comparison, and body movements – indicated there are in fact several different Putins now parading around.

An investigation by Russian media outlet Proekt found that Putin was regularly accompanied by an average of five doctors whenever he stayed in the Russian city of Sochi between 2016 and 2017.

The publication alleged a variety of specialists – including an infectious disease specialist, an ENT specialist, a staff resuscitologist, and a neurosurgeon – worked with the president at the time.

It further claimed that on a single weekend in 2019, November 30 and December 1, a record number of 13 medics visited Putin while he was in Sochi; the group was said to have included a spinal cord injury specialist and a surgical nurse.

Proekt said: “By this point, the total number of doctors permanently accompanying the president has also grown, with an average of nine in 2019.”

The Russian president has several secret service agents assigned the unglamorous task of collecting his stools and urine to deliver back to Moscow in a “special suitcase”, according to insiders.

Such precautions are allegedly taken to conceal information about his potential illnesses.

Those close to Putin are also forced to submit stool samples several times a week under “heightened security measures”, independent Russian news outlet Baza claimed last year.

Putin has a known preference for travelling by armoured train rather than plane, allegedly for fear of Ukrainian attack.

He has a customised express train which he has used on a regular basis since 2021, just before Russia invaded Ukraine, a source who claims to know Putin personally told The Dossier Centre.

Leaked photos of the interior of the luxury armoured “ghost” train revealed an onboard mobile hospital and a fully-stocked medical room.

According to the insider, the president prefers the mode of transport for security reasons as the movements of passenger trains are much harder to track than that of aircraft.

When he does travel by air, he chooses his plane at random from a selection of five Ilyushin Il-96-300PU wide-body aircraft, according to some sources.

All five aircraft, ranging in creation dates from the ’90s to April 2021, are reportedly fuelled and readied for Putin’s arrival at the airport and he makes his choice at the last moment.

His aircraft travel in pairs so he will not be left stranded in potential emergency situations, says reports.

The Russian despot is even paranoid about his own men having a target on his back, which has seen him continually isolate himself.

His army of minions hired to protect him are the only people he allows to get close to him as he obsesses over assassination plots.

Convinced he could be poisoned, he has a whole team of people employed to taste his food before he eats it.

Putin also reportedly tests the water in his swimming pool multiple times a day to check for suspicious chemical levels, and wears special gloves to protect his skin from possible exposure to killer substances.

AFPThe ageing Putin is reportedly accompanied by a huge team of doctors on all of his trips[/caption]

Putin’s health has been in the spotlight after he was seen ‘in pain’ and gripping a tableTwitter/ maxseddon

WikipediaThe so-called ‘nuclear briefcase’ is never far from the Russian president[/caption]

East2WestLeaked photos reveal the interior of Putin’s armoured ‘ghost’ train which boasts a fully-stocked medical room[/caption]

East2WestJapanese AI analysis claims to have proven Putin is using body doubles[/caption]

East2WestPutin reportedly has security service agents pick up his waste matter and carry it back to Moscow in a special suitcase [not pictured][/caption]

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