Ukraine special ops ‘ASSASSINATE’ treacherous MP Ilya Kiva in Moscow after he called on Vlad to unleash mass destruction

Ukraine special ops ‘ASSASSINATE’ treacherous MP Ilya Kiva in Moscow after he called on Vlad to unleash mass destruction

EX- Ukrainian MP Ilya Kiva who openly supported Kremlin has been found dead in the suburbs of Moscow in a suspected assassination by Ukrainian secret services. 

The 46-year-old lawmaker was charged with treason after he called on Vladimir Putin to use his weapons of mass destruction against his homeland.

Kiva openly supported Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

instagram/@ilya_kivaKiva was an MP with Ukraine’s opposition Platform For Life party[/caption]

instagram/@ilya_kivaIlya Kiv was found was found dead on the outskirts of Moscow[/caption]

“[President] Zelensky, his entourage and western curators are most afraid of a Russian pre-emptive strike,” he wrote on Telegram at the time.

“Only this can put an end to today’s confrontation, not only with the Ukrainian authorities but also with the entire West.”

Kiva’s body was found “covered in blood” in the park area in the Odintsovsky district, Russian media reported citing emergency services.

Russian law enforcement has launched a probe into his death at a country club in Odintsovo, near Moscow, where he lived in exile under Putin’s protection.

A source in Ukraine‘s defence sector said that its SBU security services had orchestrated the assassination of Kiva.

His death comes just hours after claiming in his final social media post that Volodymyr Zelensky would be forced to flee to Britain.

Five hours before his death from a suspect knife wound to the left temple, he posted: “Zelensky’s only option is to flee to England, but even from there he is extradited when it is favourable to the Crown or dies when it is necessary for the Kremlin.”

A Kremlin propagandist, who appeared on obediently state TV shows, he had alleged Zelensky was an MI6 stooge and cocaine addict.

He saw the US failure to back Zelensky’s plea for more cash and weapons this week as a victory for Putin and  “the countdown to Zelensky’s removal from power”.

In a vitriolic post, he told followers: “At this stage, many countries are ready to accept [Zelensky] and his family and guarantee safety of life, but it is impossible to be sure that they will not be extradited later.

“A logical end of the ******* who drowned the nation in blood.

“It would be better for Zelensky to commit suicide now, as losers have always done, to take all the problems with him and close the issue. 

“But he is too cowardly and narcissistic for such actions.”

Before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, he was an MP with Ukraine’s opposition Platform For Life party and advocated that Russia and Ukraine need to unite.

Following his comments after Russia‘s invasion he was stripped of his parliamentary mandate.

Last month a Ukrainian court sentenced him to 14 years in absentia on charges of treason.

The cause of death was still being clarified, said Russian sources. 

A former policeman and official, he led the Socialist party in the Ukrainian parliament from 2017-19.

In 2019 he was an unsuccessful candidate for the Ukrainian presidency, but then turned to Russia

He asked Putin for political asylum, and a Russian passport. 

Ukraine’s Channel 24 said the “liquidation” of Kyva near Moscow was “a special operation of the SBU” [intelligence service].

In one virulently anti-Zelensky diatribe on Russian state TV, he said: “The obliteration of the Slavic world that started in 1941 was merely put on hold in 1945… 

“The West regrouped for another strategic blow, because the key aim is total destruction of the Slavic world.… 

“The collapse of the Soviet Union was a tragedy… splitting us into separate parts now getting captured, colonised and destroyed. 

“Ukraine is a vivid example of this.…occupied and under the rule of the West…

“Ukrainian intelligence has been recently under MI6 control and these curators of  President Zelensky’s agenda give him false information.

“They tell him [lies] about successes of the Ukrainian army…how the Russians will start negotiating. 

“Then there is his psychiatric and physical state.

“It’s no secret that he got to power because he is easily controlled.

“He is a drug addict. Cocaine.  His addiction to cocaine also distorts reality.”

He falsely claimed in the month after the war began: “Zelensky is safe, he left the country a long time ago

“This gives him strength, because neither he  nor his family are in danger.”

His body was found lying in the snow at Velich Country Club hotel in the village of Suponevo, Moscow region.

His body was found in the Velich Country Club hotel in the village of Suponevo

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