Israel probes Hamas claim that student hostage Sa’ar Baruch was killed in ambush on IDF special forces rescue operation

Israel probes Hamas claim that student hostage Sa’ar Baruch was killed in ambush on IDF special forces rescue operation

ISRAEL is probing a Hamas claim that student captive Sa’ar Baruch has been killed in an ambush on an IDF special forces rescue operation.

The Israeli, 25, was one of more than 200 civilians hauled across the border to Gaza after being kidnapped from his home during the terror group’s October 7 massacre.

Sa’ar Baruch, 25, was taken hostage during the October 7 attack

ReutersIsraeli soldiers pictured operating in the Gaza Strip on December 8[/caption]

Hamas‘ Al-Qassam Brigades said it attacked a special forces unit mounting a rescue attempt, killing and wounding several soldiers.

Terror fighters also seized a rifle and communication devices, Hamas said.

It did not specify the location of the incident, but later shared a video apparently showing the aftermath of the attack.

Hamas claimed Baruch, who they listed as a “soldier” and was 24 when he was captured, was one of those killed.

Israel say he was a civilian student.

Tonight, an IDF spokesperson said Sa’ar’s family have been informed of the video’s publication.

A statement read: “Our hearts go out to the family of Sahar Baruch who was brutally taken hostage by the Hamas terrorist organization on October 7th.

“Hamas is waging psychological warfare and its inhumanity is on full display to the world.

“An IDF representative arrived at the family’s home and notified them of the video’s publication.

“The IDF, together with various agencies, will continue to support Sahar’s family, as well as all the families of other hostages and missing persons.

“Hamas is responsible for the wellbeing of the hostages. Hamas is attempting to terrorize the Israeli public using psychological warfare to further its campaign of terror.”

The Israeli military previously freed a captive soldier in Gaza in late October

It comes as the IDF continues to blitz across the enclave in a bid to recover the remaining 138 hostages in Hamas’ grips.

Israeli forces have closed in on the south as they look to snare Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar – branded the “mastermind of the massacre” two months ago.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s president, vowed to wipe out the terror group following its horror attack.

As part of the IDF’s mission, it aims to recover dozens of civilians being held hostage.

So far, more than 100 of those being held captive have been freed.

But fears remain for the remaining 138 after freed hostages told of the grim conditions they suffered.

Aviva Klompas, who runs Boundless Israel, said she has heard harrowing accounts of what innocent hostages suffered.

She told The Sun “We have to keep in mind that these were the people Hamas was willing to return, meaning presumably the ones who are in the ‘best condition’.

“There are accounts of starvation. There was a Filipino National who said he had to eat wet toilet paper in order so that he wouldn’t starve.”

Philippine hostage Jimmy Pacheco feared he wouldn’t survive as he was given just half a pita a day and salty water during his six-and-a-half-week ordeal.

The caretaker, who is among the hostages freed, said he was left having to consume wet toilet paper to stay alive as he was held in a damp tunnel.

He was given a tiny amount of toilet paper when he was permitted to go to the bathroom – which he stashed in his pocket.

Jimmy told CBN Asia: “I told myself there was no way I would survive because I have a history of kidney problems.

“It looked like we were 40 metres underground, and that’s why the walls were damp.

“I attached the paper I had saved to the walls, until it got wet.

“Then I put it in my mouth and ate it – and that way my stomach wasn’t empty.”

Many hostages also suffered abuse at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

One doctor who treated some of the 110 hostages freed revealed at least ten women and men were even sexually assaulted.

EPADemonstrators carrying candles and pictures of Israeli hostages held by Hamas on December 7 in Tel Aviv[/caption]

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