Kremlin enemy number one Navalny ‘suffers serious health incident’ in jail as Putin aims for six more years in power

Kremlin enemy number one Navalny ‘suffers serious health incident’ in jail as Putin aims for six more years in power

ALEXEI NAVALNY has suffered a serious health incident in jail as supporters say his life could be at risk as he hasn’t been seen for days.

Navalny is known as one of the top enemies of the Kremlin and according to his spokesperson hasn’t been fed for days as he suffered a “hunger faint” and fell over in his cell.

AFPAlexei Navalny has suffered a serious health incident in jail[/caption]

AFPThe Russian man is the leader of the Progress Party which is the main group going against Putin – who has just announced he’s running for president again[/caption]

Alexey Navalny’s spokesperson Kira Yarmysh spoke about the worrying situation on X.

She wrote: “He fell ill in his cell last week. He got dizzy and laid down on the floor. The colony staff came over immediately, lowered the cot, laid Alexey down and gave him an IV.

“We don’t know what it was, but given the fact that he’s not being fed, is being kept in a punishment cell with no ventilation and the time for walks has been reduced to a minimum, it looks like a hunger faint.”

According to Alexei’s lawyers, the 47-year-old Russian man wasn’t allowed to be seen by anyone after he had fainted.

Lawyers were told they had to wait to see Alexei until the time was right after repeatedly being denied entry to where he was being kept.

Alexey has since been spoken to by his team but all communication has been stopped for three days since the lawyers last saw him.

Yarmysh continued: “Now it’s the third day that we don’t know where he is.

“Before that, there were at least occasional letters from him, albeit censored ones, but there have been no letters all week.

“The fact that we can’t find Alexey is particularly worrying.”

The news comes just as Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he will run again for president in the 2024 elections in a move that could see him stay in power until at least 2030.

The Russian tyrant is all but certain to be elected for a fifth time after two already brutal decades of his iron-fist rule.

Navalny has previously claimed Putin is desperate to silence him, after the major Kremlin critic and his team published a list of 200 oligarchs accused of being “directly responsible for the aggressive war launched against Ukraine.”

The list of 200 names was part of a wider “List of 6,000” Putin accomplices and Russian war enablers that angered the state leaders.

Navalny said: “The Kremlin‘s really furious at our work to promote the “List of 6,000” – the list of oligarchs, bribetakers and warmongers, against whom sanctions must be imposed.

“The people on the list are very worried and are demanding measures to be taken to make the ACF (and me personally) ‘back off’.”

Navalny – who has been described as “the man Putin fears most” by the Washington Post has already faced two life threatening situations many believe to be at the hands of Russian officials.

The leader of the Russian opposition Progress Party was left in a coma after two attempts to poison him with Novichok many believe were down to Putin’s orders.

In September, NATO warned that Russia will “try again” to kill him after he survived the attempts on his life.

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