I work as head-steward for billionaires on ultra-lux superyachts – it’s like a VIP pass, but there is always danger

I work as head-steward for billionaires on ultra-lux superyachts – it’s like a VIP pass, but there is always danger

WORKING on a superyacht serving billionaires might seem glamorous, but an insider has revealed it comes with a dark side.

Giselle Azueta’s job as head stewardess comes with a whole host of threats, pressures, and bizarre requests that she is required to fulfil.

Head stewardess Giselle Azueta has revealed the dangers that come with working on a superyachtJam Press/@giselleazueta

Jam Press Vid/@giselleazuetaA superyacht Giselle previously worked on[/caption]

Working on a superyacht serving billionaires is not always as glamorous as it seemsInstagram / @giselleazueta

Her Instagram page paints a convincing picture that life on a superyacht is near perfect, with stunning shots of crystal-clear water and days spent in bikinis patting sharks and exploring paradises.

As a lover of travel and the sea, one can see why she might be drawn to her line of work – but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Giselle has in the past been asked by guests to complete a range of abnormal tasks such as cooking their dog’s steaks, stroking their pet’s ears while they ate, and filling their bathtubs with bottled water.

She has also had to prepare for the potential scenario where her yacht is boarded or maybe even overtaken by pirates.

But it’s all worth it for the “VIP pass” her work has provided her with to life’s luxuries, she says.

Giselle told NeedToKnow: “You go to the best events and are in places you cannot even pronounce.

“Visiting exotic places, seeing the views, these daily sunsets.”

The 39-year-old began her career on a rented yacht before rising up the ranks to her current prestigious role of head stewardess.

It’s an enviable job accessible to most who are fluent in the English language, happy to undertake a ship survival course, and prepared for some weird requests.

Giselle recalled earlier this year: “On one occasion, a multimillionaire guest made a proposal that he would pay $10,000 (£7,900) to a crew member who defecated on top of a glass table while he lay under it.

“A different guest made the request that he wanted one of the hostesses to be watching him at all times while he ate dinner.”

The dangers associated with her work are also unique; as is her training for if she were ever to come face to face with them.

There are, for example, a number of strict rules she must follow if her yacht is targeted by pirates to avoid her being held ransom.

She said: “The first thing in the protocol is not to let them get on the boat – that is the most important.

“But if they climb up, you have to find a hiding place and pray that they don’t find anything.

“They want to steal the merchandise. But there were also times when things were put on ships to kidnap crew or guests.

“If you come to work on a yacht, the first thing you do when you get on is look for your hiding place.”

The possibility of a pirate invasion does not seem to faze Giselle as she loves her profession.

Some of her most regularly repeated tasks include planning events and ensuring dinner decorations are never short of “spectacular”.

Giselle said: “I buy provisions and bring them to the ship no matter what it entails, [and] help the chef when he needs it.

“[I also] manage and plan dinner times, allergies, and specialities with the chef.”

Other responsibilities of hers include making sure the yacht’s guests and crew members have everything they need, keeping the yacht’s interior clean and organised, and planning excursions for guests.

She explained: “I organise and clean every corner of the interior of the yacht … and make sure the crew cleans up after themselves.

“[I also] make sure that nothing was forgotten on the yacht – because if that happened, it [would be] my mistake.”

Instagram / @giselleazuetaGiselle revealed some of the bizarre requests she’s had from guests, including to cook their dog’s steaks[/caption]

Instagram / @giselleazuetaThe job might be perfect for people like Giselle who love to travel and love the sea[/caption]

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