World’s most luxurious ‘superyacht’ SUBMARINE worth £240million that could stay underwater for 10 DAYS

World’s most luxurious ‘superyacht’ SUBMARINE worth £240million that could stay underwater for 10 DAYS

THE world’s most luxurious superyacht-submarine hybrid, with a spa and health club on board, can swim as deep as 985ft underwater and disappear for up to 10 days at a time.

Touted as representing a “new class of megayachts”, the three-level Carapace boasts massive entertainment areas, a lounge, and a bar.

SolentThe Carapace, if built, will reach speeds of up to 16 knots while above water[/caption]

Elena Nappi/Solent News & PhotoA protective cover seals the vessel, allowing it to travel underwater[/caption]

SolentThe hybrid vessel is able to reach depths of 985ft[/caption]

Elena Nappi/Solent News & PhotoThe superyacht’s dining room comes complete with a ‘sunroof’ displaying a live feed of the aquatic life surrounding the vessel[/caption]

A detailed concept design for the superyacht-submarine also includes a pool and beach club, with all of its glorious features to be fully operational both above and below water.

It is said to be capable of achieving its hybrid goals with help from a 256ft-long light aluminium structure that seals the vessel as it travels underwater.

The yacht earned its name because of its sea turtle-like appearance; the upper section of a turtle’s shell is called the carapace.

Italian naval architect Elena Nappi, who designed the Carapace masterpiece, said: “The world of luxury submarines is one of the last frontiers in the field of experimentation.

“Very often yacht owners are looking for original solutions to be able to offer their friends and their family something special, and certainly that of a diving cruise of this type is something unprecedented in the superyacht market.”

Building the Carapace would come with a hefty price tag of $300million (£239million) that few could afford, but is relatively inexpensive when compared with the $700million (£558million) Tesla superyacht also yet to be realised.

If built, the superyacht will travel at speeds of up to 16 knots while above water and 13 knots while submerged, diving to about the same depths as a nuclear submarine.

It comes with a helipad which transforms into a lounge area complete with an infinity pool, a bar area bound to be stocked with the finest and most expensive alcohol, and a living area with plush seating.

Underwater, the superyacht has a luxurious dining room with a “sunroof” displaying a live feed of the aquatic life surrounding the submarine.

An extravagant lounge area featuring a grand piano, luxury private cabins with king-size beds and ensuite bathrooms, and a VIP suite with an attached gym and spa room would make the Carapace an idyllic refuge for the very few people who have the cash to splash.

The massive machine is also eco-friendly, running on hydrogen and electricity.

Nappi told CNN she envisions her creation being hired for private trips or used for business meetings that require “complete secrecy”.

Meanwhile, boat company Migaloo says it is revolutionising the world of luxury vessels with plans for its very own submersible superyacht.

Its ginormous 928ft ship would feature a helipad, movie theatre, wine cellar, and library and be capable of diving to 1500ft depths for weeks at a time.

Migaloo founder and CEO Christian Gumpold revealed the vessel could cost its owner upwards of $2billion (£1.6billion).

SolentEach of the luxury cabins on board the Carapace come with ensuite bathrooms[/caption]

Elena Nappi/Solent News & PhotoThere are very few people who would have the cash to splash on the luxurious vessel[/caption]

SolentThe yacht features an extravagant lounge area with a grand piano[/caption]

SolentA VIP suite includes an attached gym and spa room[/caption]

SolentAcross the yacht’s three levels are luxurious nooks that are perfect for relaxing[/caption]

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