Hamas ‘breakdown begins’, warns Israel as more ‘terror suspects’ are stripped and rounded up in Gaza

Hamas ‘breakdown begins’, warns Israel as more ‘terror suspects’ are stripped and rounded up in Gaza

ISRAEL says the “breakdown” of Hamas has begun as it claims scores of terror suspects are surrendering to its forces.

Chilling footage appears to show dozens of stripped Palestinian men being paraded in northern Gaza, while fighting has intensified in the south as the IDF hunts down Hamas’ surviving leadership.

The moment a man hands over his assault rifle during what Israel claims is a mass surrender of Hamas operatives

Israeli military officials said the scenes took place near Gaza City

The ‘breakdown’ of Hamas is beginning, says Israel, as its fighters lose contact with its leadership

Last night, Israeli military officials claimed that Hamas militants had been surrendering close to Gaza City in the heavily bombed Shajaiya and Jabaliya neighbourhoods.

Officials alleged that the terror operatives had lost contact with Hamas leadership who are believed to have fled south and had no option but to capitulate to Israeli forces.

The IDF did not say how many terror suspects it was holding, but footage circulating online suggests they rounded up dozens.

In the unverified video, cowering half-naked Palestinian men can be seen shivering next to a wall.

One man then gives his assault rifle to Israeli troops with his hands in the air, while others behind him hold their up their identification cards.

“Slowly, slowly,” an IDF soldier tells the man holding the gun as he walks barefoot over rubble next to an Israeli tank.

On Friday, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told IDF soldiers that he “sees the signs indicating a breakdown is beginning inside Gaza.”

It comes as The Institute for the Study of War claimed that six of Hamas’ northern battalions are “close to collapse” and confirmed reports that terrorists were surrendering.

The claims come only two days after Israel said it had captured hundreds of Hamas terrorists.

Extraordinary footage appears to show suspects sitting in the middle of the street – stripped, restrained, blindfolded and surrounded by IDF troops.

Hamas alleged that all the men were unarmed, innocent civilians, however Israel has said it will interrogate all those who surrender to troops with potential links to Hamas.

Among those detained in recent days are Hamas operatives that have provided intelligence to Israel’s military, the IDF claims.

“We are seeing every day more and more terror operatives killed, more and more terror operatives wounded, and in recent days we’re seeing terrorists surrendering — a sign of the disintegration of the system, a sign that we need to push harder,” IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi said on Saturday.

A senior defence official has claimed that the Israeli military needs at least another two months to complete the first stage of its war against Hamas.

However, official sources in Washington said that US President Joe Biden has given Israel until the end of the year to wrap up its devastating offensive inside war-torn Gaza.

Earlier this week, Israel’s tanks rolled into southern Gaza’s largest city of Khan Younis, where it is believed Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, is hiding with his evil henchmen.

“Gaza’s Bin Laden” is understood to be the “mastermind” behind the October 7 attacks, which saw the terror group slaughter 1,200 men, women, and children.

Israeli troops are currently pushing forward through Khan Younis, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have fled to in order to escape the carnage in the north.

The Hamas-run health authorities in Gaza say Israel has killed more than 17,700 people in its relentless bombardment and offensive campaign, including more than 7,000 children.

On Friday night, the US vetoed a United Nations resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, where Palestinians are facing what the UN chief described as a “humanitarian nightmare”.

UN officials have urgently warned the conditions are “hell on earth” with the majority of its 2.3million population unable to access food, water or medicine.

Twitter/GLZRadioFurther alleged footage of ‘Hamas fighters’ being rounded up by IDF after ‘surrendering’[/caption]

Twitter/MaarivOnlineIsrael said it will interrogate anyone who surrenders with links to Hamas[/caption]

AFPThe US has reportedly given Israel until the end of the month to finish its war with Hamas[/caption]

AFPPalestinians search for victims after an Israeli air strike in a still smouldering building[/caption]

AFPScenes of devastation inside southern Gaza as Israel pushes forward with its offensive in the south[/caption]

AFPIDF troops say they have wiped out half of Hamas commanders[/caption]

GettyIsrael are hunting down their number one target – Yahya Sinwar – ‘Gaza’s Bin Laden’[/caption]

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