Asda shoppers rush to buy Xbox and PS5 computer games scanning at tills for just 10p

Asda shoppers rush to buy Xbox and PS5 computer games scanning at tills for just 10p

ASDA shoppers are rushing to buy Xbox and PS5 video games for as low as 10p.

The game-changing bargain scans the popular console entertainment for dirt cheap prices.

GettyAsda shoppers discovered a bargain just in time for Christmas shopping[/caption]

ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUKThe deal offers video games for surprisingly low prices[/caption]

Black Friday may have passed, but the deals are here to stay.

Facebook users shared the sale offer at local ASDA shop in Killingbeck, Leeds.

A range of video games suitable for Xbox and PS5 consoles are scanning with a surprisingly low price tags.

Some games are a real steal, costing less than a box of matches.

A 2020 action-adventure game Immortals Fenyx Rising sells for almost £10 on Amazon, but with the sale deal costs close to nothing at Asda.

The game now scans for ten pence only at the widespread supermarket chain.

Other games have a price range from five pounds to ten pounds which is still a huge bargain.

The seasoned shoppers have discovered the deal just in time for Christmas.

The Facebook user shared the pictures of shockingly low prices to help those looking for a perfect gift with a tight budget.

ASDA customers hacked the holiday shopping with mind-blowing deals.

The savvy buyers found a way to nab a huge tub of Quality Streets chocolates for just two pounds.

And it is not really Christmas without sharing the beloved treat with your family.

ASDA shoppers also raced to get their hands on a six-feet snow dusted Christmas trees slashed in price by a whopping 50 per cent.

So if you still haven’t grabbed one, you need to rush to your local ASDA for the snow covered pine.

And for the Christmas feast, you can get your groceries discounted with one easy trick.

Many happy shoppers have discovered a way to reduce their checkout total when browsing online and now they shared the life hack with others.

ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUKOne adventure game sells for ten pence which is less than a bag of rice[/caption]

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