Cornered Hamas warns not one hostage will be spared as Israel tightens grip on terrorists’ stronghold

Cornered Hamas warns not one hostage will be spared as Israel tightens grip on terrorists’ stronghold

CORNERED Hamas yesterday warned not one hostage will be spared as Israel tightened its grip on the terrorists’ stronghold.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu claimed the rebels were facing “the beginning of the end” as Israel pushed further into the 25-mile coastal strip.

EPABenjamin Netanyahu said Hamas terrorists were facing ‘the beginning of the end’[/caption]

APDetained Hamas fighters were stripped down to their underwear[/caption]

APIsraeli shells strike Gaza – the bombardment is expected to continue for another month[/caption]

He spoke out as pictures from Gaza showed Hamas fighters surrendering and being stripped down to their underwear at gunpoint.

Mr Netanyahu said dozens were “laying down their weapons and handing themselves over”.

Israel ordered civilians to flee the centre of the Gazan city of Khan Younis where Yahya Sinwar — dubbed the “Hamas Bin Laden” — is believed to be holed up.

Increasingly desperate Hamas leaders warned none of the 137 hostages still in Gaza will live unless their new demands for a prisoner exchange are met.

Spokesman Abu Obeida said: “Neither the fascist enemy and its arrogant leadership nor its supporters can take their prisoners alive without an exchange and negotiation and meeting the demands of the resistance.”

He claimed the “temporary truce proved our credibility” and said that Hamas fighters had hit 180 Israeli personnel carriers, tanks and bulldozers since fighting resumed.

He warned that bloodshed inside Israel would be stepped up along with “additional terror attacks” against Israeli civilians.

Obeida made the threat while referring to the death of two Hamas gunmen shot dead after killing three Israelis at a Jerusalem bus stop hours before the truce ended.

He said: “What is coming is worse and greater.” Qatari mediators said yesterday that the chances of a further ceasefire were “narrowing” as fierce fighting continued in Gaza.

A seven-day truce, which collapsed on December 1, saw 105 hostages freed.

They had been kidnapped during the October 7 massacres by Hamas in Israel, which claimed 1,200 lives.

They were released in exchange for 240 Palestinian prisoners.

The Israeli Defence Forces said seven more soldiers died yesterday, taking the toll to 104.

At least 1,593 have been wounded — 559 of them since the push into Gaza.

Israel’s military assault has failed to stop Hamas rockets being fired into Israel.

One person has been hurt in the central city of Holon.

The bombardment of Gaza is expected to continue for at least another month.

Hamas claims 17,700 Gazans had been killed so far.

The UN’s Palestinian refugee agency reported an “almost a total breakdown of civil order” yesterday during attempts to deliver aid.

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