I earn £8,000 a month doing a job that no one wants to do – I made more money than a doctor & had ZERO expenses

I earn £8,000 a month doing a job that no one wants to do – I made more money than a doctor & had ZERO expenses

A WORKER revealed an eye-watering amount of money he earns working at a job that many people avoid.

Cal Mcllwaine is a new starter in the mines in Western Australia who makes over two grand a week, and has shared perks of a fly-in fly-out jobs.

An Irish man shared how he was able to earn two grand in just a weekcalmcilwaine

Cal works in the mines in Australia on fly in fly out schedule in a job that no one wantscalmcilwaine

He posted a video on TikTok, telling his followers the FIFO gig was “very lucrative”.

Cal said his expenses equal to nothing when he is on the job as he is provided accommodation and food.

“You can literally come up here and spend zero dollars,” he added.

All of the saved cash is going to “travel fund” for Cal as he pays no rent or insurance.

“I’m just banking it which is unreal,” Cal said in the clip.

The mine worker then goes on to tell how to make a “s***load of money” in a short period of time.

“You’re given an opportunity to work f***loads of hours,” he shared.

Cal works 84 hours a week which is a double of a normal schedule.

He said: “I am essentially working two weeks’ worth of work in one week.”

His rotation means he spends two weeks on, two weeks off the job.

Each shift lasts about 12 hours, but the mine worker gets an extra overtime pay after working ten hours.

In his first week alone, Cal has made £1,805, and in the second week he was earning £2,052.

“Two grand a week is f***ing mental,” he shared excitedly.

He added that in his home country this amount of money would have to be earned over five weeks period.

“Back home you would need to be a doctor, a nurse, or a vet or something like that to be earning that amount of money in a week,” he said.

He shared how easy it is to get into the FIFO gig, saying: “Anyone can get their foot in the door in some way, shape or form”.

But Cal didn’t sway from sharing the ugly side of the job too.

“It’s obviously very hard, you’re working long hours, it’s dirty work, it’s in the heat.

“But you’re also getting paid a lot.”

The Irish citizen is also saving up on tax as he is exempt from paying the full income fee thanks to Australian laws.

Any holiday worker earning below £23,000 only pays 15 per cent of their earnings to the government.

But Cal has already surpassed that amount after four months and started paying a normal tax like the rest of Australians.

“I’ve seen a dramatic drop in my recent pay which is a bit sad but I’ve been loving it up until now,” he confessed.

Despite the higher tax bracket and splurging on his weeks off, Cal has managed to save up £23,000.

“Back home that’s someone’s full year salary and I’ve been able to make that in four months,” he boasted.

Cal hopes to inspire people into joining FIFO jobs, saying risks and hard work are worth it.

Another Brit has shared his experience of earning a hefty paycheck at a job that most normal people would never do.

The former Love Island contestant earns in a day what most people make in a week, and the role doesn’t ask for a degree.

Some of the unpopular jobs in the UK come with a fat salary and do not require a degree.

Less interest also means higher chances of getting hired as there are fewer rivals.

Such jobs include tax specialist, gas engineer or even cocktail bartender.

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