World’s first 3D-printed superyacht Pegasus made of glass with helipad, zen garden, beach club and it’s ‘invisible’

World’s first 3D-printed superyacht Pegasus made of glass with helipad, zen garden, beach club and it’s ‘invisible’

PLANS for an “invisible” 3D-printed superyacht made of glass and with a beach club have been unveiled.

The flashy floater – dubbed Pegasus – would be the first of its kind and would boast many features that have never been seen afloat.

SWNSPlans for a 3D printed superyacht have been revealed[/caption]

Cover ImagesThe ship would be made of glass and invisible[/caption]

SWNSIt would have a zen garden on board[/caption]

SWNSThe garden would produce fresh food[/caption]

It would be made entirely of mirrored glass to ensure the uber-rich can sail the seven seas in secrecy.

This would stop prying eyes from crashing the party, while reflecting stunning views of the sea and sky.

Pegasus would measure 290ft and would be spacious enough for a helipad, zen garden, beach club.

The designer of the swanky ship is Jozeph Forakis and he has ensured that everything about Pegasus screams luxury.

Jozeph says his brainchild would make records as the world’s first 3D-printed vessel which is “invisible both in design and in her environmental impact”.

The elegant and intricate lattice framework of the structure becomes visible through the glass at certain angles in different lights.

Pegasus would boast a range of eco-friendly features, which only adds to the allure of the astounding concept.

Built-in solar panels would add another opportunity of reflection, as travellers can observe the sky, clouds and whichever enviable place they pass through.

Snuck into the glass of the superstructure are reflective Solar Wings to provide solar-electric power for the boat to run.

Jozeph claims they would work harmoniously alongside a hydrogen hybrid source to create a green but glamorous way of travel.

The Milan and New York-based designer embarked on a mission to create a yacht that releases zero emissions – and wants everyone on board to be aware.

He wants to promote his environmentally considerate message throughout every aspect of Pegasus.

The boat has an impressive multi-level “Tree of Life” hydroponic garden as its centrepiece, which provides fresh food and air purification.

The base of the tree emerges from a reflecting pool on the lower deck and extends vertically through each floor.

The superyacht, both a symbol of and a tribute to nature, would be made with a robotic 3D printing machine.

The magnificent tech would create the mesh framework for the entire vessel, with a strong and lightweight structure.

This method also ticked Jozeph’s boxes as it uses less energy, material, waste, space, and time compared to conventional construction.

Heading inside, there are four levels to explore with spacious guest lounges to relax in which are all connected by a sculptural spiral staircase.

The interior design again adopts the eco friendly theme, with bursts of live plants adorning the ship.

The magnificent master suite, equipped with a large private terrace, sits on the top floor.

Only Pegasus’ owner would be granted access – assuring VIPs they have complete and utter privacy.

At the front of the boat would be a jaw-dropping pool club which is wondrous in more ways than one.

It would feature an aquarium-style lap pool with expansive horizontal windows, which also have another handy quality.

They can transform into open balconies on both port and starboard.

The pool itself also doubles as a helipad when the cover is closed.

It would also have an open beach club at the back of Pegasus for guests to let their hair down and throw some shapes beside the pool.

Or they could unwind in the “oversized jacuzzi” with fold-down balconies, which also have more than one purpose.

They can transform into an enclosed solarium with sliding glass panels across the ceiling and down the transom bulkhead.

The sleek and space-saving design has already impressed the ultra rich superyacht lovers, even though it doesn’t have a price tag yet.

Jozeph explained he came up with his tremendous concept while on a beach in Koufonissi island, Greece.

He said: “I was inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible, made of clouds floating above the waterline.

“I wanted to honour nature by blending into it, becoming virtually invisible. Now is the time for courageous leaps toward our collective sustainable future.

SWNSThe master suite would have a large private terrace and would be situated on the top floor[/caption]

SWNSThe ship would measure 290ft and would be spacious enough for a helipad, zen garden and beach club[/caption]

SWNSPegasus features mirrored glass to reflect sky, clouds, and surrounding environment[/caption]

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