Chilling moment ‘world’s most terrifying sound is caught on doorbell cam’ sending dog-owner fleeing

Chilling moment ‘world’s most terrifying sound is caught on doorbell cam’ sending dog-owner fleeing

THIS is the spine-chilling moment the “world’s most terrifying sound” is caught on a door bell camera – sending a dog owner fleeing for their life.

At first nothing about the scene appears untoward as a walker takes their pet out for an evening walk – but then a horrifying sound rings out.

A dog walker was out with their dog when they heard something terrifying

The sound was frightening enough to send them fleeing from the scene

The ear-splitting screech pierces the silence and sends the horrified person hot-footing it back to the safety of their home dragging their dog behind them.

It is not clear where or when the footage was recorded but it was recently posted on X and has racked up nearly 20million views.

The post claims the cause of the haunting sound is a Aztec death whistle.

Disturbingly, the whistle is a device that was previously used by Aztecs during human sacrifice rituals.

It has since been recreated using 3D printing technology.

Some viewers of the frightening footage appear to be equally as disturbed by the noise as the dog walker.

But, others admitted to owning one and using it to deliberately scare others.

One wrote: “That sound has left a mark on my soul now.”

While another said: “That sounds absolutely captivating! The Aztec death whistle must create a spine-chilling atmosphere at night.”

But a third admitted: “I have one, they’re awesome. I have scared a few people at the park late at night lmao.”

A fourth seemed more considerate and wrote: “I’ve yet to use mine outside at night, I also live on a populated street though with elderly people, don’t wanna cause a heart attack.

“It does sound insane though.”

Despite the terrifying sound being enough to send people running, replicas of the whistles are actually available on Amazon.

According to Wikipedia the device was first discovered during the evacuation of a temple in Mexico in the 1990s.

In a YouTube video about the whistle, James J. Orgill, who tested a 3-D printed whistle, said the archeologists initially dismissed it as “some sort of toy”.

He added: “It wasn’t until 15 years later for some reason a scientist blew into the hole in the top of it and this is the sound that came out.”

Since their discovery, there has been speculation that the whistles were used to create the chilling sound in order to frighten enemies.

According to Culture Trip the instruments are known as “whistles of death” because historians believe they were used to help guide sacrificial victims on their journey to the afterlife.

But the truth is that we don’t actually know exactly how or why the Aztecs used these whistles.

GettyIt is thought to have been the Aztec death whistle that caused the sound[/caption]

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