Moment Hamas gunmen are stripped half naked & paraded with rifles in the air after surrendering hospital terror compound

Moment Hamas gunmen are stripped half naked & paraded with rifles in the air after surrendering hospital terror compound

NEW footage appears to show the moment dozens of Hamas gunmen surrendered their weapons at a hospital in northern Gaza.

A seemingly-endless stream of men walked in a single file past Israeli soldiers with their hands raised in the air.

IDFFootage appeared to show a long line of Palestinian gunmen surrender to IDF troops at a hospital in northern Gaza[/caption]

IDFThe clip cut to vision of shirtless men laying down their weapons[/caption]

IDFIDF troops supervised the apparent surrender and observed the firearms and equipment handed over[/caption]

The clip then cut to vision of several men without shirts carrying bundles of weapons and equipment to a pile that stretched across the debris-littered floor between destroyed buildings.

According to the Israel Defence Forces, who released the video, the footage was taken at the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza and depicts Palestinian militants surrendering to IDF troops.

Israel’s military claimed soldiers of its 460th Armoured Brigade – who are working with the Israeli Security Agency, also known as the Shin Bet – recently found a building near the hospital that was being used by Hamas operatives.

The IDF said of the footage: “IDF and ISA forces apprehended dozens of terrorists in the Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza.

“Over 70 terrorists came out of the hospital with weapons in hand. The terrorists were transferred to field interrogators for further questioning.

“This is what dismantling Hamas looks like.”

Israeli solders fought and killed gunmen in the vicinity of the hospital in several separate encounters, according to the IDF.

The terrorists who surrendered were said to have been taken for questioning by the Shin Bet and IDF Intelligence Unit 504.

Similar video released earlier this week appeared to show another group of shirtless Hamas fighters surrendering to Israeli forces.

The men who featured in the clip were stripped down to their underwear and held guns and ID cards above their heads before piling them together on the ground.

Israel’s intelligence services have vowed to eliminate all of the savage militants responsible for the bloody massacres of October 7 which saw 1,200 – mostly civilian – men, women, and children slaughtered and some 240 captured and dragged to Gaza.

Shin Bet’s chief Ronen Bar said: “We will look for them everywhere: in Gaza, in the West Bank, in Lebanon, in Turkey, in Qatar, everywhere. It will take a few years, but we will do it.”

Shocking footage released this week showed one of the war’s bloodiest battles where 10 soldiers died in a “double-tap” ambush by Hamas.

The terrorists lured IDF soldiers into a trap then attacked a rescue force sent in to save those who were feared to have been kidnapped.

Nine Israeli troops and a hero commander were killed in the ambush before rescuers were blown up by explosives and remaining survivors were cut down in a hail of bullets.

One of the victims, Commander Tomer Grinberg, just 35, had rescued 10-month-old twins from a kibbutz massacre after their parents were killed by Hamas. Three of the soldiers who died were just 19.

With just two weeks left to wrap up its war on Hamas, according to reports, Israel is now ramping up its air and ground offensive in Gaza and honing in on the terror group’s commanders.

Israel has reportedly started pumping seawater into Hamas’ sprawling network of tunnels in a bid to flush out the terrorists it claims are hiding in them.

US officials revealed the operation, which is said to involve at least five pumps, has now begun but could take weeks.

A senior Israeli defence official reportedly claimed last week that the IDF needed another two months to complete “the high-intensity” phase of its war with Hamas.

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