Putin unveils eerie AI DOUBLE and admits it ‘can talk like me’ after fevered rumours over use of Vlad impersonators

Putin unveils eerie AI DOUBLE and admits it ‘can talk like me’ after fevered rumours over use of Vlad impersonators

VLADIMIR Putin has unveiled an eerie AI generated double of himself amid massive rumours of the tyrant leader using doppelgängers and cleverly selected Vlad impersonators.

In a surprising move for the usually intimidating Kremlin king, Putin was asked two questions via an AI-generated video of himself at a presidential broadcast.

East2WestPutin was quizzed by an AI double of himself at his direct line live show[/caption]

East2WestThe President of Russia admitted the double ‘can talk like me’ but said only one person can really be the true Vlad amid rumours of him having a doppelgänger[/caption]

Putin described the video as showing his “first twin” before the pair spoke about the use of AI and whether it is a negative or a positive.

The AI bot appeared on a big screen at the marathon press conference as Putin answered questions from citizens and journalists live on air.

When the double popped up on screen he introduced himself as a student from St Petersburg before quizzing Mad Vlad saying: “I would like to ask you, is it true that you have many doppelgängers? 

“And also, what is your attitude to the dangers that artificial intelligence and neural networks bring to our lives?”

Putin – taking the joke in his stride – replied with: “The citizen from St Petersburg did not introduce himself. Yes. I see you can look like me and speak in my voice.

“But I’ve thought about it and decided that only one person should look like me and speak in my voice.

“And that person would be me.”

The playful showing from Putin has come at a time when many feel he has been using a double for some time now during his presidency.

The Kremlin has previously denied the theory but it hasn’t stopped the media and Ukrainian military intelligence continuing to spread the possibility.

Some believe that there are several Putins stand-ins – who had plastic surgery and years of training to act as near perfect doppelgängers to the leader.

Recently the rumours started to spread like wildfire across the world again as a report from independent investigative outlet Proekt revealed some damming evidence.

Several Kremlin journalists who surround themselves with Putin daily said that they do believe the leader uses a double.

The Proekt report said: “Some journalists from the Kremlin pool started saying at some point that they believed in the existence of a doppelgänger – so weird were the ways the president adhered to quarantine measures.

“They cannot explain in any other way the strange behaviour of Putin lately – he either complies with the so-called ‘sanitary restrictions’ associated with the Covid epidemic or defiantly violates them.”

This is in reference to the way he was happily hugging people on some days but then ordering them to stand at least 16ft away from him the next.

The most extreme version of the double speculation is that Putin died in late October from abdominal cancer and was permanently replaced by doppelgängers.

These fake Vlad’s are set to run as the president in the upcoming election campaign so the Kremlin can keep control as they have done in the past.

Although Professor Valery Solovey and Telegram channel General SVR have both dismissed the seemingly far fetched idea as just a conspiracy theory despite the rumours staying around.

Outlets have also fuelled claims that Putin is surrounded by the best doctors in Russia on his trips out of the country for a specific reason as more speculation over his dwindling health ramp up.

Reports suggested Putin suffered from thyroid cancer and therefore has a doctor with him at all times.

These medics seen near Putin allegedly include Dr Igor Esakov,  an ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr Yevgeny Selivanov, a thyroid cancer specialist and neurologist Dr Roman Rotankov.

The broadcast – that lasted hours – proved to be rather problematic as at one point Putin couldn’t stop coughing.

The Moscow ‘Direct Line’ session saw him appearing to cough more than usual and he was even left breathless for a moment as he coughed.

He blamed the “air conditioning” for the coughing fit saying they were in “overdrive”.

Putin was then humiliated during his first TV call-in show since unleashing war on Ukraine as a set of critical messages appeared on screens telling him to quit his role as president.

During the tightly-controlled broadcast, a spectacular blunder allowed texts saying “don’t run” again for president and “make way for the young” to flash up on screen.

Putin obviously declined to answer any of the unwanted questions and carried on with the show.

East2WestThe double pretended to be a university student as he joined the call[/caption]

East2WestPutin was also seen coughing during the live show as rumours of his poor health increased[/caption]

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