Ukraine grenade attack: politician, 54, detonates 3 GRENADES into council meeting before huge blasts rip through room

Ukraine grenade attack: politician, 54, detonates 3 GRENADES into council meeting before huge blasts rip through room

APPALLING video shows a local politician explode three grenades in a village council meeting in Ukraine.

The blast ripped through the room on a Friday morning at Keretsky village, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine.

Twitter/XChilling moment politician tosses three grenades into town council meeting[/caption]

Twitter/XHe then threw them on the floor next to him[/caption]

Twitter/XThe blast ripped through the room on a Friday morning[/caption]

Twitter/@KyivPost26 people got injured in the explosion, six seriously, including the attacker[/caption]

The man is seen entering the meeting late and standing by the door during a heated discussion at the session.

He is seen taking two grenades from his pocket.

He started talking, appearing irate, and holding a grenade in each hand, then says: “May I?”

The attacker tried to get some attention before throwing grenades, but no one took him seriously. 

He then threw them on the floor close to him and a seated woman council member. 

Footage catches the distressing  moment of the explosion.

The man detonates a third grenade, too, according to reports citing law enforcement. 

Total of three blasts were heard. 

Police said a total of 26 people were injured, including six who are in grave condition.

All of the patients with life-threatening wounds are now in the intensive care unit.

“My legs, I can’t walk…my legs are cut,” said one victim.

Another said: “Call the ambulance.”

A voice says: “Pull me out.”

The local politician who ignited the grenades was believed to be among those badly wounded. 

Medics resuscitated him after the explosions, according to reports.

The explosion came during an argument over money at the council session.

The bomber was later named as Serhiy Batrin, 54, a council representative for the Servant of the People party, founded by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

He works in the village council’s law and order commission.

Police are seeking to establish a motive for what appeared to be a carefully premeditated act.

He was in “eternal opposition” to the ruling faction on the council, said a report.

He had expressed his fury over water problems in the village when a large sum was paid to the director of the utility company.

A video of him accusing local authorities of corruption was just revealed. 

“It can’t be that way”, he can be heard saying on the video. 

The act is not believed to be related to the on-going war in Ukraine

Twitter/@KyivPostPolice are seeking to establish the motive behind the attack[/caption]

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