Incredible ‘gravity-defying’ 342ft superyacht shaped like Star Wars Y-Wing fighter with THREE hulls

Incredible ‘gravity-defying’ 342ft superyacht shaped like Star Wars Y-Wing fighter with THREE hulls

THIS futuristic yacht is any space fan’s ultimate dream as looks like a spaceship straight out of Star Wars.

Designed by Star Wars fan Yeojin Jung, the 342ft Estrella Superyacht was inspired by the iconic Y-Wing and Naboo Royal Starship.

yeojin jungThe Estrella Superyacht looks like a Star Wars spaceship[/caption]

Star Wars fan Yeojin Jung based her design on the iconic Y-Wing fighter

AlamyJung also took inspiration from the Naboo Royal Starship (pictured)[/caption]

Jung’s incredible concept took home a Bronze prize at this year’s A’ Design Award and Competition.

She envisioned it during her final year of study at Coventry University. 

Boasting a distinct tri-hull shape, the super boat was designed to “defy gravity” thanks to the fin stabilisers installed on both sides of the centre hull, countering any stability issues.

Its Y-shaped format also provides passengers a more immediate and visual experience of the water.

The design splits the boat into three major sections—a central segment and two floater components on each side—all of which are connected by a hull-spanning bridge.

This provides each of the yacht’s 20 passengers more freedom than a traditional yacht, allowing them to get a better view and “understanding” of their surroundings.

Designed to be the the next generation of superyacht for “ultra-high-net-worth individuals”, the Estrella also has its very own helicopter pad.

“This concept will provide a dynamic experience to people by dividing the hull wings into three volumes,” Jung told Techeblog.

“By providing different views of Mediterranean Sea, they perceive the surroundings.

“Also, it can make intimate experience with nature by providing innovative layout.”

The super vessel can comfortably carry up to 20 passengers, reports.

With its hull built from aluminium, the Star Wars-esque yacht has hybrid diesel engine and produces a cruising speed of 15 knots.

It comes after a supersonic plane that promises to be the next generation of commercial travel could carry 300 passengers in ultra-lux flights.

Designed by Oscar Viñals from BarcelonaSpain, the spaceship-like aircraft also looks like a vessel straight out of Star Wars.

The aircraft, named Sky OV, would be able to reach a top speed of Mach 1.5 – around 1,150mph – and be powered by electricity at no cost to the environment.

Its ultramodern features include retractile wings and even a translucent ceiling.

Oscar told The Sun: “The design of this concept is a mix between future commercial and military projects based on new fuselage’ shapes, engines and construction materials.”

The Spaniard, who designs futuristic planes full-time, wanted to give his “personal vision” to the more conventional aeronautical and aerospace plane concepts.

“There are so many things that make Sky OV unique,” he said.

“Its blade-less engines, the translucent ceiling with quantum solar dots as a part of its fuselage or its capacity to fold the wings.

“The plane is also quiet, faster than current commercial aircraft, completely green, zero emissions and capable of covering very long distances.”

Oscar said he already has a military version of Sky OV in his drafts – but is still a far away reality.

yeojin jungEstrella’s tri-hull shape allows passengers to have a better view of their surroundings[/caption]

yeojin jungThe design also looks like it defies gravity thanks to the vessel’s fin stabilisers[/caption]

yeojin jungThe Estrella can comfortably carry up to 20 passengers[/caption]

yeojin jungThe Star-Wars super boat was designed for ‘ultra-high-net-worth individuals’ and has its own helicopter pad[/caption]

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