Abandoned hotel frozen in time in German countryside could be yours for just £75,000 – but no one knows why it’s empty

Abandoned hotel frozen in time in German countryside could be yours for just £75,000 – but no one knows why it’s empty

AN ABANDONED hotel in Germany’s countryside is up for sale – but no one knows why it sits empty.

Located in the scenic backdrop of Ebersbach-Neugersdorf, Lampelburg Inn is being sold for £75,000 after the business was shut down in 2015.

Loveproperty.com/European PropertyAn abandoned property in Germany is up for sale after being shut down as a hotel[/caption]

Facebook/Cheap Old HousesThe European-style home has incredible interiors[/caption]

Facebook/Cheap Old HousesGorgeous stained-glass windows and carved timber ceilings can be spotted all around[/caption]

The tumbledown treasure is nestled on a 12,000 sqft plot and is close to the region’s iconic mountain peaks, luscious forests, and beautiful castles.

The main property spans across 3,700 sqft and boasts a fully furnished restaurant, a bar, a function hall, and six gigantic guest rooms.

While the original construction date of the property is unknown it appears to have a rich European history considering the interior design.

From gorgeous stained-glass windows to carved timber ceilings and parquet floors, there are plenty of eye-catching period features – and are all worth restoring.

The property has its very own purpose-built single-lane bowling alley – and with just a bit of rework, the space could be turned into a nice leisure area.

The hotel’s substantial outbuilding complex offers more space, and is worth converting into additional guest suites or even a private house that could be sold off.

Outside of the building lies a large courtyard, a beer garden perfect for Oktoberfest, and a separate private garden. 

The abandoned, yet blissful countryside property is being sold for just £75,000.

Meanwhile, another incredible hotel on a beautiful beach that was once part of an exclusive holiday resort has been left to rot.

Hotel Pelegrin was once a luxurious property located in a Croatian village, but it has now been reduced to an eerie shell.

The stunning 419-bed complex was one of the largest on the Adriatic coast and attracted thousands of international guests in the 1980s.

Overlooking the glistening blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, the geometric building was once a sight to behold.

In front of the open balconies, panoramic mountain views were visible to guests, as well as a long string of other boutique holiday resorts.

But it was during the siege of Dubrovnik in 1991, that the glamorous hotel was destroyed.

The building was shelled repeatedly and the damage is still visible to this day.

Facebook/Cheap Old HousesThe property has its very own purpose-built single-lane bowling alley[/caption]

Facebook/Cheap Old HousesThe hotel has been left to rot since 2015, but no one knows why[/caption]

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